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How Reduced Onboarding Time by 66% Using ServiceBell

“Before screen takeover with ServiceBell, onboarding was a nightmare for both our support reps and customers. Now it's a breeze, and three times faster. Thanks, ServiceBell!”

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Adam Guild


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Onboarding customers without seeing their screen causing prolonged resolution times and frustration
Reps struggling to onboard customers over the phone, dealing with unnecessary back-and-forth
Long onboarding sessions are draining for reps and customers, not to mention costly for the business
Low retention for both onboarding reps and customers
One click access to any customer's screen eliminates verbal confusion previously causing friction
Optional live screen takeover and interactive walkthroughs further speeds up the onboarding process
Instant engagement in live conversation with any customer on the website, no third-party software necessary
One dashboard manages every customer interaction, from conversations and screen takeover to reporting and analytics
Customers are now onboarded 3x faster as average customer onboarding time decreased from 45 minutes to 15 minutes significantly improved onboarding times & boosted onboarding team morale with an integrated solution.
Onboarding reps have a far easier time doing their job, leading to increased employee happiness and less churn
Customers are blown away by the seamless onboarding experience, leading to higher satisfaction and retention

How Reduced Onboarding Time by 66% Using ServiceBell

The onboarding experience makes or breaks customer brand loyalty, retention, and lifetime value. A smooth onboarding process keeps customers engaged and gives them reason to stay, while a poor one discourages them from using the product.

In fact, highly engaged customers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and offer 3X the amount of annual revenue compared to unengaged customers, but 90% of customers report their onboarding experience could be improved (Flatfile). was among those companies challenged by their onboarding process.

Before implementing ServiceBell, had three representatives onboarding customers over the phone, verbally instructing them without seeing their screen.

Explaining a complex software over the phone without seeing things from the customer's perspective is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone.

"Instructing customers over the phone confused  them and frustrated our reps. Onboarding conversations were prone to mistakes, unnecessary back-and-forth, and loads of wasted time. It was painful for everyone involved.

Reps quickly become dissatisfied with their jobs when they repeatedly endure the same painful onboarding experience, leading to higher employee churn rates, costing the business morale, productivity, and ultimately, their bottom line.

Customer experiences are also negatively impacted, not only because they're frustrated by a long onboarding process but also because they can tell when a rep is unhappy with their job.

Despite trying to render an amazing onboarding experience,'s reps could only do so much with the tools at hand.

They needed a solution that stripped all of the friction from their onboarding process - a seamless way to see exactly what their customers see, and walk them through every step of the process.

They needed ServiceBell.

Before implementing ServiceBell, onboarding conversations were frustrating and confusing, as reps were unable to see what the customer was seeing and vice versa, in the end causing loads of wasted time.

Adam Guild, Co-founder of
The Solution

One click access to any customer's screen eliminates verbal confusion previously causing friction

Once laid eyes on ServiceBell, it was love at first sight. ServiceBell's screen takeover feature quickly and easily solved their pain with a single line of code.

Through ServiceBell's dashboard, reps are just one click away from joining any customer's session, seeing exactly what they see in real-time, and best of all, taking control of the customer's screen to walk them through every step of the process.

"Joining our customer's sessions, seeing exactly what they're seeing and even having the option to take over and walk them through everything step-by-step has been a game changer for us. The difference is night and day."

Aside from's impressive onboarding outcomes, their easy adoption was impressive as well. Unlike other complex platforms which require drawn-out trainings, their reps logged in and - within minutes - were intuitively up to speed and excited to start using Servicebell.

"ServiceBell is simple. Log in, choose your user, and takeover their screen. It requires virtually zero training which makes it easy for us reps to adopt. Customers also have it easy - they sit back and relax while we join their session and help them out with exactly what they need, when they need it.

The onboarding team can jump in without the customer having to press a single button. Rather than doing everything for the customer, however,'s reps like to walk the customers through their platform, showing them the ropes so they can learn for themselves.

Aside from dramatically decreasing onboarding time, customers become independent, avoiding trouble down the line that would otherwise result in support tickets and added frustration.'s onboarding team is enjoying the night and day difference ServiceBell has had on their everyday life, and especially enjoy how quickly and easily they can help their customers succeed.

The Result

Customers are now onboarded 3x faster as average customer onboarding time decreased from 45 minutes to 15 minutes

Since implementing ServiceBell, has cut their average onboarding time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes per customer, a savings of 66%.

The benefits don't stop there. is reducing employee turnover costs as well. Since their reps don't have to deal with monotonous phone conversations, unnecessary back-and-forth, and wasted time, they're happier at work.

If you want to eliminate onboarding headaches, save loads of time, improve customer/employee happiness, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value, schedule a ServiceBell demo and see the magic for yourself!