Customer Story

Sybill Accelerates Speed to Lead and Conversion

While we focus on AI at Sybill, knowing when to "pull in the human" is key… and ServiceBell helps us with that by engaging high intent visitor visitors live on our website. ServiceBell has helped us through our zero to one journey, and is helping us through our growth journey now as well.

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Nishit Asnani



Sybill is an AI call partner that helps sales reps save time from admin work and close more deals.

Initial gap in lead capture from the website
Invisibility of ICP engagement
Missed opportunities for contacting leads on the website
Lack of visibility into prospect needs and wants
Proactive engagement with the prospects on the website, when they need it.
Instant response time to inbound queries, pricing and demo requests
Clearbit + 6sense to detect accounts in real time, helping us understand our ICP and intent levers on an account level.
Visibility into most common blind spots of our website
Helped get new leads in the pipeline consistently, contributing to about 10% of new revenue.
A great customer experience with instant resolution of queries and helpful journeys.
Face-to-face contact with a rep on the website helps provide a human touch.
Team-wide deep understanding of what website visitors care about and find confusing.

Sybill Accelerates Speed to Lead and Conversion

When we first came across ServiceBell, we didn’t have a solution in place to capture inbound leads on our website. We were just starting to commercialize Sybill, and we needed a way to get to people who were organically interested in the product and help answer their questions and potentially qualify them in for a demo. 

We were aware that companies and personas within our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) were frequenting our pricing page, indicating a clear interest in our services. Yet, we were in the dark about which specific accounts were visiting, when they were most engaged, and how to initiate contact with them during these pivotal moments. This lack of context was more than just a missed opportunity; it was a gap in our sales process that we needed to address urgently.

In our unique context, where Sybill's platform integrates nuanced analysis of sales conversations and prospect engagement, the need for a "face to face" connection in our sales process was paramount. We wanted to offer our prospective customers the opportunity for immediate, face-to-face engagement right from our website, without pushing their interest to a potentially delayed scheduled meeting, thereby ensuring that the momentum of customer interest was captured and harnessed effectively.

"Implementing ServiceBell was a game-changer for Sybill. It gave us the real-time visibility and engagement capabilities we desperately needed. Direct face-to-face interactions with potential clients on our website have significantly improved our lead qualification process, enabling us to rapidly convert interest into action. This isn't just about technology; it's about building instant connections that drive our growth. ServiceBell has since also helped us intercept prospect queries and build a deeper understanding of who the most interested prospects are and what they care about in our product."

Nishit Asnani - Co-Founder
The Solution

Proactive engagement with the prospects on the website, when they need it.

We adopted ServiceBell early on, during our journey from product launch to product-market fit. The ServiceBell dashboard became a window into our website's activity, offering live insights with firmographic data such as company name, size, and location. This intelligence empowered our sales representatives to not only identify but also proactively connect with website visitors matching our ideal customer profiles. Looking at ServiceBell’s detection of what account was on our website helped us act in real-time and engage the prospect - granted, the prospect wouldn’t always answer or respond, but when they did, it was totally worth the while. It’s like cold calling, but not really cold - since the prospect is literally on our website. 

Leveraging ServiceBell, we instituted triggers that alerted our reps to high-intent behaviors, such as when potential customers visited our pricing or contact pages. This allowed us to engage with prospects precisely when their interest was peaking, resulting in a remarkable acceptance rate for proactive calls.

Our response times saw a dramatic improvement, further bolstered by ServiceBell's seamless integration with Slack. Sales reps are instantly notified when leads are hot, enabling them to initiate a video call with a single click, whether from their desktop or mobile device—ensuring that no lead was left unattended, regardless of the rep’s location.

The implementation of ServiceBell has not only slashed our lead response times but also significantly uplifted our lead conversion rates, swiftly moving prospects through the qualification process and contributing to a substantial increase in our sales pipeline value.

The Result

Helped get new leads in the pipeline consistently, contributing to about 10% of new revenue.

Invisibility of ICP engagementServiceBell has helped us reach out proactively to high intent leads on our website, directly leading to several closed-won deals, impacting at least 10% of our revenue. 

ServiceBell has also helped us get a window into the mind of the visitors on our website, as they request assistance and ask questions on the website itself, and our reps jump in to answer the questions. This feedback floats into the entire org, informing gaps in our marketing, product education, and even product features. 

Lastly, ServiceBell also helps get a window into the demographic profile of the visitors on our website, which was invaluable for us as we scaled our customer base. Knowing who we attract had direct implications on where we should focus our marketing efforts, what our website content should include, and influenced our overall go-to-market strategy.