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Top Features

5 reactive calls
5 proactive calls
5 session takeovers
5 active visitors
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Customer Success Teams

$500 /m
Includes 5 seats
($50/m per additional seat)
Boost retention & reduce onboarding friction.

Top Features

250 reactive calls per month
25 proactive calls per month
Unlimited session takeovers
25 active visitors
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Revenue Teams

$1,000 /m
Includes 5 seats
($100/m per additional seat)
Proactively engage website visitors with live video chat.

Top Features

Unlimited reactive calls
Unlimited proactive calls
Unlimited session takeovers
100 active visitors
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Product Teams

$2,500 /m
Includes 5 seats
($250/m per additional seat)
Better customer relationships start here.

Top Features

Unlimited reactive calls
Unlimited proactive calls
Unlimited session takeovers
1000+ active visitors
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Unlimited active visitor sessions
Unlimited team members
Multiple Organizations
MSA with redlines
Custom integrations
Concierge onboarding
Priority support
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Features breakdown

Core Features
Customer Success Teams
Reactive Video Calls
250 per month
(+50 per additional seat)

With ServiceBell, customers visiting your website can digitally "ring the bell" and you can respond with a live video chat with one of your experts.

Proactive Video Calls
25 per month
(+5 per additional seat)

Proactively call prospects, directly on your website. The amount of proactive video calls team members can take varies by plan. The Revenue Teams plan is best for teams that need unlimited proactive video calls.

Session Takeovers

Win more customers and create better support experiences with session takeover. Choose a paid plan if your team needs unlimited session takeovers.

Session Views

The amount of session views available to team members varies by plan. Choose a paid plan if your team needs unlimited session views.

Maximum Active Visitor Sessions

The maximum active visitor sessions visible in the ServiceBell dashboard. Choose a paid plan if your team needs to engage more than 25 active visitor sessions with ServiceBell.

Mobile Application

Connect with customers on the go with ServiceBell's mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android devices, users can go live and video chat with customers anytime.

Widget Customization

Customize your team's availability, widget background, appearance, region availability, and permissions.


Get granular analytics about your team's calls, takeovers, and session views with real-time analytics.

Activity Log

Get granular data about visitor sessions, including the visitor's name, the team member who engaged the visitor, call duration, and more.

Session Replay

Get retroactive visibility into team member session interactions with Session Replay.

Multiple Organizations (Teams)

For businesses that have multiple teams ready to engage website visitors with live video chat and screen takeover.

Clearbit Reveal Integration

ServiceBell integrates with Clearbit Reveal to alert you when high-value prospects are on your website.

Hubspot Integration

ServiceBell integration with HubSpot allows admins to quickly view important information about HubSpot contacts from the dashboard, or create new contacts from visitors within the dashboard.

Intercom Integration

Continue using Intercom as your initial point of contact with customers, but leverage ServiceBell's video call and screen viewing and takeover features as needed.

Slack Integration

ServiceBell integration with Slack creates a bot that will post messages whenever a user interacts with the ServiceBell widget, or triggers a custom alert.

Calendly Integration

ServiceBell integrates with Calendly so your customers can easily schedule a call with your team. Visitors can book a meeting on your calendar if no one is available to take their call in ServiceBell.

Acuity Integration

ServiceBell integration with Acuity allows visitors to book a meeting on your calendar if no one is available to take their call.

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Meet the team

We're on a quest to make the web personal.

Daniel Ternyak
Will O’Beirne
Director of Engineering
Daniel Ternyak
Aaron Stricker
Software Engineer

Common Questions

Which browsers does ServiceBell support?

ServiceBell maintains compatibility with nearly all modern browsers, including mobile devices.

Does ServiceBell work across page loads?

Yes! You'll be able to navigate between pages without worry. You'll never be bumped off a call because a user clicked on a link during your call.

Does ServiceBell comply with GDPR & CCPA?

ServiceBell has retained a California based law firm to help comply with both GDPR and CCPA. We take data protection and privacy extremely seriously.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Well, basically. We offer a free plan, which is even better. Try it out, what do you have to lose?