ServiceBell for SalesForce

Extend your Salesforce data to an Allbound strategy

Know when VIPs arrive on your site, and connect them to the right rep with Salesforce-driven routing rules. Create and update leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities directly from ServiceBell. Then, watch revenue soar with robust pipeline influence dashboards.

Know who’s on your site

Know when VIPs arrive on your site

Combine the power of Clearbit and 6Sense Reveal data with Salesforce to identify VIPs on your site in real-time. Engage target accounts, open opportunities, active customers, email sequence click-throughs, and more.

Salesforce Object

Robust Salesforce Object & Field Type Support

ServiceBell reads, creates, and updates default and custom fields across leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities in Salesforce.

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Connect every prospect with the right rep

Route with Salesforce lead, contact, account, and opportunity object fields. Alert the right rep when VIPs are on the site for real-time engagement. Otherwise, lower priority leads are served the right rep’s calendar for a seamless scheduling experience.


Salesforce-driven chatbot experiences

Automatically trigger custom chabots with any Salesforce data to meet your visitors with tailored conversations. Trigger with any lead, contact, account, or opportunity field with robust filter criteria to create perfect trigger conditions.

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Activity Sync

ServiceBell creates and updates leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities directly in Salesforce. Robust field mapping ensures both systems are in sync, without data collision.

Pipeline Influence

Measure return on investment with Salesforce pipeline influence dashboards

Create and update pipeline influence dashboards and attribute revenue to ServiceBell, from their first visit to closed won. Every call, chat, and meeting booked is logged directly in your CRM.

Customer Story

How Sila Added $1 Million to Their Pipeline in 4 Months with ServiceBell

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