ServiceBell for HubSpot

Extend your HubSpot data to an Allbound strategy

HubSpot is ServiceBell’s pipeline generation backbone. Engage visitors both in CRM and new prospects using first party intent, proactive video chat, sequencer integrations, account based tactics, our scheduler, and an integrated AI parallel dialer.

CRM-assisted contact reveal

Know exactly who’s on your site in realtime

ServiceBell leverages HubSpot to send alerts the moment a lead, target account, or open deal visits the site. Route the visitor to the right rep, initiate a proactive chat, and connect with buyers at the perfect time.

A screenshot representing a sales person talking to a customer and seeing information from HubSpot about that customer.
HubSpot Activity Sync

Automatically sync activity with HubSpot

ServiceBell creates contacts and companies from chatbot engagements, form fills, and meetings booked. Reps can also manually create records after a live conversation. Every conversation is logged in HubSpot, so your reps spend less time updating CRM records, and more time selling.

A customer profile page and an activity log synced with HubSpot showing important information.
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HubSpot Reporting

Measure pipeline impact with custom HubSpot dashboards

Every contact, company, and deal influenced by ServiceBell is logged in HubSpot. Report on faster lead response times, higher inbound lead conversion rates, accelerated sales cycles, and more.

Customer Story

How Sila Added $1 Million to Their Pipeline in 4 Months with ServiceBell

A young woman working on a laptop

Hear from a few of our favorite enterprise customers