Custom Routing Rules

Configurable routing rules for your unique needs

We’ll build custom routing rules for your business. Route by account owner, territory, industry, company size, or anything else you want. Alert the first available rep to engage immediately, or round robin leads and passively book meetings for later.

Fallback Routing

No lead left behind

If a visitor requests help but none of your reps are available, “fallback” routing is triggered. Two lines of defense ensure no chats are missed, and no pipeline is lost, even when some agents are unavailable.

Realtime Alerts

Alert reps to pounce on high-value visitors

Send real-time alerts across Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chrome, so reps never miss an opportunity to engage VIP buyers.

ServiceBell Journey Builder

Give every visitor a personalized experience

Your visitors want live human connection, yet most chatbots feel… robotic. ServiceBell’s Journey Builder is the engine that powers personalized engagement for every visitor, from tailored messaging and custom qualification flows, to routing and alerts.


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