Engage around the clock with AI

ServiceBell works, even when you don’t. Automatically qualify and convert visitors to leads with chatbots, and book meetings when nobody is available.

ServiceBell Live Feeds & Segments

Focus reps on your highest value visitors

See everyone browsing your site in realtime. Create custom live feeds of your most valuable visitors, so reps can prioritize VIPs. Segment by high buyer intent, open deals, paid traffic, outbound clickthroughs, specific pages, and more.

ServiceBell Routing & Alerts

Automatically route every visitor to the right rep

Route by account owner, territory, industry, company size, or anything else you want. Alert the first available rep to engage VIP visitors in realtime, or round robin leads to reps and passively book meetings for later.

ServiceBell Live Chat

Turn website visitors into real-time sales conversations

Modern buyers want service now - stop giving them forms and playing email ping pong. Remove friction from your buying process with ServiceBell’s suite of live engagement tools, and instantly turn visitors into qualified pipeline.

ServiceBell Spotlight

Automate sync and follow-up on high-intent accounts

Detect high-intent accounts visiting your website. Engage with chat, or automatically find prospects that fit your ICP, then automatically push to CRM, your own sequencers, or ServiceBell’s dialer.

ServiceBell Reporting & Analytics

Measure impact on pipeline

Report on chat engagement, rep performance, new pipeline, sales velocity, and more with custom dashboards. Drive more pipeline with data-driven decisions.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop
ServiceBell Support Bots & Help Center

Automate support and reduce agent workload

Resolve issues faster with support bots that answer common questions. Encourage self-serve support with relevant guides from ServiceBell’s Help Center. Automation resolves issues without agents getting involved, so you can provide superb customer support at scale.

ServiceBell Widget Designer

Completely customizable widget

Style ServiceBell’s color scheme to match your brand. Add pictures of your team. Decide where and when to show the widget. ServiceBell’s widget designer gives you complete control over the look and feel of the widget, without writing a single line of code.

A young woman working on a laptop

Generate more pipeline with a CRM-connected website

ServiceBell connects your website to Salesforce and HubSpot data. Get notified when target accounts, open opportunities, and other VIPs are live on the site. Use CRM-record ownership to route visitors. Then, log every interaction in your CRM for robust revenue attribution reporting.


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