ServiceBell Chat Analytics

Track visitor engagement

Deep dive into conversation engagement with ServiceBell chat analytics. Break down unique visitor engagements, total chats, calls, meetings booked, and more.

ServiceBell Activity Log

Every call in one place

View a log of every ServiceBell call with website visitors. Watch call recordings, and see a list of every page visited by your prospects, so you can pick up the next conversation with context.

ServiceBell Agent Performance

Monitor agent performance

Your reps are the key to success with ServiceBell. The agent performance dashboard shows you which reps have the best performance. See which reps have the most pounce attempts, conversations, leads created, meetings booked, availability, and more.

ServiceBell Pipeline Reports

Measure pipeline and revenue influence

Ready-made dashboards show you ServiceBell’s impact on open pipeline and closed revenue in Salesforce and HubSpot. Measure exactly how many leads and how much pipeline was created or influenced by ServiceBell.

Create custom ServiceBell dashboards in your CRM

Report on key metrics like Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Lead to Opportunity conversion rates, speed to lead, and more. Every ServiceBell-influenced lead, contact, company, and deal is tracked in HubSpot and Salesforce.


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