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All you need to Allbound

Create first party intent and convert it into pipeline using the best account-based tactics across inbound, outbound, and marketing channels.



Toggle between power- and parallel-dial, sync from CRM or sequencer, and join your colleagues on the sales floor.

  • Power or parallel mode
  • Voicemail drop
  • Number rotation & spam monitoring
  • Virtual salesfloor
Integrates with

Visitor ID

Get notified when high-value accounts and contacts visit your site. Engage in real-time, or set them up with custom journeys & chatbots.

  • Account & contact lookup
  • Session, pageview, & visitor logs
  • CRM fields
  • Channel tracking

Video Chat

Pounce on high-intent qualified accounts with video, audio, or text with the most attractive widget on the web. Hold meetings directly on your site.

  • Proactive & reactive video calling
  • Screenshare, annotation, screen takeover
  • Video agent transfer
  • Activity log & session replay


Get custom alerts to individuals and teams, in-app, mobile and in Slack. Know when VIPs are on your meeting link, pricing page, deal docs, and more.

  • In-app, browser, Slack or Teams alerts
  • Screenshare, annotation, screen takeover
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • CRM record alert routing
Integrates with


Hand every visitor to the right rep with custom routing rules by account owner, territory, industry, size, or anything that fits.

  • User & team routing
  • First available or round robin
  • CRM & sequencer owner routing
Integrates with


ServiceBell’s scheduler lets you build round robin or personal meeting links, sync with your calendar, and deliver through chat or anywhere.

  • Custom events & availability
  • Calendar & CRM sync
  • Round robin & multi-host
Integrates with


Send accounts and contacts to your email and linkedin sequencing tools.

  • Account & contact list sync
  • Contact clickthrough detection
  • Sequence traffic alerts
Integrates with

Journey Builder

Build journeys tailored for each web experience: reps available, no reps available, account-specific, segment-specific, job seekers, etc. Update CRM records and insert dynamic pre-recorded videos.

  • Custom branching logic
  • CRM field triggers & actions
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Embedded alerts & routing
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Fuel your ABM strategy with custom 1st party intent. Sync account lists with your advertising platform of choice.

  • Account & contact list sync
  • CRM field triggers & actions
  • Ad traffic detection & alerts
  • Custom journeys per campaign
100s of GTM teams use Allbound to drive pipeline:
Proactive video engagement with your live website visitors

Instant video meetings, directly on your website.

Engage high value prospects on your website with live video chat, screen sharing, screen takeover, and more. Generate and a maintain momentum from the very beginning of the buyers journey, to closed won.

Live Video Chat

Stop losing qualified pipeline
in the intent gap

Qualify VIPs immediately with instant video meetings on your website, before they leave. Build excited, strong champions that push deals through pipeline faster to close.

Video Voicemails

Build stronger relationships with video around the clock

Buyers are tired of generic websites and bland chatbots. Stand out with video to convert more quality leads 24/7 with personalized video messages after hours.

Live feeds & segments

Engage qualified prospects,
avoid spam

Traditional live chat fills your team’s plate… with spam. Powered by 6Sense, Clearbit and HubSpot, ServiceBell surfaces target accounts, enterprise buyers, open deals, and more.


Stop losing qualified buyers in a sea of anonymous traffic

ServiceBell surfaces qualified accounts visiting your website, without submitting a form. Then, re-engage and convert hot accounts with outbound emails and targeted ads. Instead of taking shots in the dark, focus on the right prospects at the right time - every time.

ServiceBell for Outbound

Convert outbound prospects while their interest is piqued

Drive warm accounts back to your site with outbound emails, and pounce on interested prospects the moment they click through to your site. Maximize outbound pipeline and improve rep productivity with ServiceBell.

ServiceBell for Hubspot

The only live chat solution engineered for HubSpot

HubSpot is ServiceBell’s pipeline generation backbone. Send personalized messages, route VIP buyers to account owners, send high-value visitor alerts, automatically update records, and more with the power of a HubSpot-connected website.

On the HubSpot App Marketplace
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ServiceBell for Advertising

Turn paid ad clicks into qualified pipeline, faster

Engage high-intent paid traffic the moment they arrive on your site with personalized video, and maximize return on ad spend.

ServiceBell Scheduling

Book more meetings with qualified buyers

Immediately turn form fills into booked meetings, directly on your website. End every realtime sales conversation with the next meeting booked. Hold instant meetings on your scheduling page, or book time for later with the right rep. Enable visitors to book scheduled meetings when your reps are unavailable.


How ServiceBell Generates Pipeline

ServiceBell for Marketing
Maximize digital spend with a VIP website that converts

Automatically qualify and convert leads with chatbots and live routing. Say goodbye to your leaky funnel, for good.

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ServiceBell for Inbound Sales
Instantly turn visitors into opportunities right on your site

Ditch emails, phone calls, and slow lead response times. Deals move faster with real-time sales discovery.

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ServiceBell for Outbound Sales
Increase pipeline with 5x more conversations per day

More pipeline & more conversations. Stop wasting time on bad numbers and increase productivity with AI.

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ServiceBell for Product-led Sales
Convert more PQLs with targeted sales engagements

Surface a live feed of your highest-priority PQLs in-app and engage at the perfect time.

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ServiceBell for Enterprise

Enterprise Ready

ServiceBell offers enterprise-grade security, white glove onboarding, custom integrations and robust analytics. Make every customer engagement feel personal, even at enterprise scale.

Enterprise Security (SOC2, CCPA, GDPR)
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White-glove onboarding
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Custom Integrations
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Robust Analytics
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Customer Stories

Learn how fast growing companies accelerate pipeline with ServiceBell

See how fast-growing companies have generated millions in pipeline with ServiceBell and accelerated deals faster to close.

Engaging prospects live on our website with ServiceBell is a game changer - our conversion rates are higher, we’re qualifying deals 10x faster, and ultimately generating far more Sales Qualified Leads than before. ServiceBell has become a primary tool for our sales team to engage with prospects and push them through our pipeline faster to close!

Nicholas Cavet
VP of Growth

We closed a $150k, 2-year deal in just a few months with ServiceBell. Other deals of this size normally take a year or more. ServiceBell eliminates friction that used to slow us down, so we can close faster than ever before.

Ashley Goerger
Head of Growth

We just had our best week yet with ServiceBell. We found the best place to "ring" prospects on our site. This week, we closed 3 deals from ServiceBell, about $45K in revenue for us. I absolutely LOVE this platform.

Don Mulroy
We ROI, or your money back

The ROI of ServiceBell is undeniable

We've helped our customers drive tens of thousands of dollars worth of pipeline within weeks of getting started. Will you be next?

Proactive call acceptance
Average increase to inbound meetings held
Pages served with ServiceBell activated
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