ServiceBell for Marketing

Build more pipeline from your website

ServiceBell’s suite of marketing engagement tools removes friction from your buyer’s journey and turns more pipeline into revenue.

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Marketing automation

Automatically convert your VIP visitors into MQLs

De-anonymize visitors with 6Sense and Clearbit Reveal in realtime. Then, engage target accounts and qualified buyers with personalized messaging. Reference their name, company, interests and more in custom chatbot flows.

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Campaign enrichment

Maximize digital spend with a website that converts

You spend lots of time and money driving traffic to your site. Don’t trust a generic contact form with converting visitors to leads. ServiceBell engagements convert 2x more often than forms, on average.

Automatically set meetings

Instantly book meetings with inbound leads

Leads don’t want to jump through hoops to schedule time. Instead, route qualified leads to book a meeting with the right rep, before they leave the site.

ServiceBell Reporting & Analytics

Measure impact on pipeline

Report on chat engagement, rep performance, new pipeline, sales velocity, and more with ServiceBell reports and custom HubSpot dashboards. Drive more pipeline with data-driven decisions.

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Generate more pipeline with a CRM-connected website

ServiceBell connects your website to Salesforce and HubSpot data. Get notified when target accounts, open opportunities, and other VIPs are live on the site. Use CRM-record ownership to route visitors. Then, log every interaction in your CRM for robust revenue attribution reporting.


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