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The people behind ServiceBell

The world's first Allbound platform is powered by a small but customer-obsessed team.

Ryan Tettemer

Account Executive

Oliver Johnson

Sales Development Rep

Sarah Santos

Customer Success Manager

Evan Dunn

Head of Marketing

Gabriel Rolon

Sales Development Rep

Kevin Rasted

Sales Development Rep

Lukas Bacevicius

Full Stack Engineer

Piotr Nowakowski

Software Engineer

Bogdan Popa

Principal Engineer

Matt Sterbenz

Manager, Sales and Customer Success

Will O’Beirne

UX Manager

Michael Schweibinz

Head of Sales & Success

Daniel Ternyak

Founder & CEO

Aaron Stricker

Full Stack Engineer

Jacob Tuwiner

Growth Lead

About ServiceBell

Upgrading GTM to Allbound

Go-To-Market is now inherently multi-touch. So why is the website so often disconnected from GTM?

We're on a mission to change the way B2B sales and marketing teams engage their audience.

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Helping you better serve your market.

We take "being there for your customers" literally.

We're building ServiceBell to empower organizations of all sizes to build better relationships with their market.

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