Live Chat for Product-led Sales

Turn Free Trials into Paying Customers

Growth teams use ServiceBell to bridge the gap between product-led and sales-led growth. Stop chasing down trials that never converted. Instead, engage PQLs in realtime using live chat with video. Co-browse in-product to unlock value. Convert from free to paid on the spot, or book a meeting for later.

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Engage High-Value Trials

Turn PQLs into real-time sales conversations

Don’t wait for trials to leave your product and never return before reaching out. Instead, engage in-product while you have their attention with ServiceBell’s suite of live engagement tools, and instantly turn trials into qualified pipeline.

ServiceBell Engage

Engage Live Visistors

Real-time viewing and video to help you engage in real-time

Engage live vistors
Watch trials live in your product

Unlike session replay tools, which only show past sessions, ServiceBell has realtime session view and replays. Stop taking shots in the dark, sending painful back-and-forth emails asking for product screenshots. Instead, start every conversation with full context.

Engage live visitors
Connect with PQLs in real-time

Initiate proactive chats with VIP trials in your product

Engage live visitors
Seamlessly upgrade to video

Turn your sales conversation into a live video call, without leaving the product. Gather realtime feedback by asking questions like “why did you sign up?” and “why were you confused here?” Your buyers could only dream of an experience like this.

Interact with live visitors
Activate with screen takeover

After an in-product discovery call, unlock value for trials with screen takeover as you navigate them around your product. They’ll experience their “aha” moment in record time.

Interact with live visitors
Demo on the fly

Seamlessly move from discovery to demo, all at once in ServiceBell. Instant demos let you showcase a demo environment of your product, without the friction of scheduling a meeting.

Interact with live visitors
Book the next meeting

Every sales interaction ends with a next step. Book instant meetings with visitors before signing off, and keep the deal moving quickly. Leave painful back-and-forth emails behind.

ServiceBell Journeys

Engage around the clock with automations

ServiceBell works, even when you don’t. Automatically qualify and convert visitors to leads with chatbots, and book meetings when nobody is available.


Journey Builder

Craft customer journeys with our journey builder

Automatically convert self-serve trials

Your reps don’t have time to engage every trial in your platform. Encourage key product actions with personalized, relevant chatbot messages to convert trials self-serve. Now your reps can focus on enterprise deals instead.

Self-serve support at scale

Your customer success team doesn’t have time to help self-serve trials. Reduce support tickets with automatic support article recommendations.

Book meetings in your sleep

Schedule time with your best prospects effortlessly, right from your product. No more email back and forth or ghosting. Just more meetings with hot prospects.

Live Feeds & Segments

Focus on trials most likely to buy

View all of your hottest trials using your product in realtime. Create custom live feeds of your best trials, so you can prioritize VIPs. Segment by fit, product actions, page, and more.

Routing & Alerts

Engage the right trial, at the right time, with the right rep

Trigger PQL alerts for reps based on product actions, fit, or anything else you want. Route by account owner, use case, persona, company size, and more. Maximize free to paid conversions with perfectly timed, personalized sales engagements.

ServiceBell Reporting & Analytics

Measure impact on pipeline

Report on chat engagement, rep performance, free to paid conversion rates, time to value, activation rates, and more with custom dashboards. Drive more pipeline with data-driven decisions.

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Generate more pipeline with a CRM-connected website

ServiceBell connects your website to Salesforce and HubSpot data. Get notified when target accounts, open opportunities, and other VIPs are live on the site. Use CRM-record ownership to route visitors. Then, log every interaction in your CRM for robust revenue attribution reporting.


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