ServiceBell for Inbound Sales

Hold instant sales meetings with your incoming website visitors

Qualify white-hot prospects right on your website. Accelerate deals with excited champions, and smash your sales quota.

A young woman working on a laptop

Connect the right rep with the right prospect, at the right time

ServiceBell routes realtime Slack, Teams, and Chrome alerts to relevant agents when target accounts and qualified buyers arrive, so you can engage while their interest is piqued. Instead of unanswered emails or “what are you calling about?”, reach out at the perfect time: while they’re already on your website. Connect more often, have better conversations, and generate more pipeline.

Real-Time Sales Discovery

Frictionless discovery gets more deals done

Replace meetings held days or weeks after initial form submission, no-shows, and reschedules with realtime sales discovery, right on your website. Qualify white-hot prospects, excite champions, and move deals through your pipeline faster to close.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop
Digital Body Language

Read your prospect’s digital body language

Most communication is non-verbal. See what your customer sees, and tailor the conversation to your prospect’s unique interests.


Demo on the fly

Deals die when momentum is lost. Don’t keep excited buyers waiting days or weeks for a demo. Seamlessly share your screen and sink your sales hook deeper on the first pass.


Re-engage champions, every time they visit your website

ServiceBell sends realtime alerts when prospects from active deals visit the site. Engage your champion and their co-workers while they’re interested. More face time  with more stakeholders accelerates the sales cycle and increases close rates.

A young woman working on a laptop

Create custom ServiceBell dashboards in your CRM

Report on key metrics like Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Lead to Opportunity conversion rates, speed to lead, and more. Every ServiceBell-influenced lead, contact, company, and deal is tracked in HubSpot and Salesforce.


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