Six Reasons to Pack your Bags and

Move from


Purpose-built for Hubspot

These days, companies often try to spread themselves thin by working with every other tool in the ecosystem. We decided we’d rather be an expert in one vs. a jack of all. If you’re a HubSpot shop, you’ll see extra functionality and workflow optimizations throughout ServiceBell that would make other websites blush.

Free porting

We get it. You spent weeks and weeks writing up the playbooks when you deployed Drift and you don’t want any of that going to waste. Don’t worry about it! We’ve got dedicated CSMs that will rebuild your playbooks in ServiceBell for free, making sure you and your sales teams never miss a beat. The transition will be so seamless, you’ll wonder why you paid Drift so much in the first place.

We'll buy out your contract

Starting to regret that contract you signed with Drift? It’s ok! We’re so confident you’ll like us better, we’ll buy you out of your Drift contract. And with all your extra budget, you can focus on other campaigns rather than figuring out how to justify a $50,000 chatbot.

Next generation video chat

Humans progress sales cycles faster. Yes, bots scale the conversation, but they only do what you tell them to and people really don’t enjoy being forced into ‘one-size-fits-all’ conversations. ServiceBell takes the best of Drift’s conversational AI and adds video chat. You want to talk about a pipeline cheat code? Video chat has shown to increase website page engagement by 400%. Video call your prospects straight from your website and watch deals progress like you’ve never thought possible.

Higher conversions, lower prices

We have no doubt drift users are finding ROI in their conversational AI chatbots. The problem becomes escalating pricing as your bot gets more advanced. Pricing at ServiceBell starts at a fraction of what you’ll pay Drift and we give you more. Our investors hate it, but your CFO will love it.

Email isn't required

No one likes getting spam. That’s why buyers early in the sales cycle are often hesitant to hand out their email. With Drift, nothing gets done before you capture your prospects email. At ServiceBell, we jump ahead of that by revealing who’s browsing your website and then letting you call them while they’re at the pinnacle of product interest - before they’ve finished reading about it.

We just had our best week yet with ServiceBell. We found the best place to "ring" prospects on our site. This week, we closed 3 deals from ServiceBell, about $45K in revenue for us. I absolutely LOVE this platform.

- Don Mulroy
CEO, DemandJump


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Starting Price:
Video Chat
Built for Hubspot
Screen Takeover
Pop-Up Chat
Lead Notifications
Customized Interface
Lead Routing
Personalized Branding
Meeting Scheduler
Lead Entry
Lead Intent
Web Analytics
Audience Insights
Automated Playbooks
What if your sales team could jump in here (right after ‘prospect hits important landing page’ and call the prospect for a quick video chat?
Don’t just take our word for it
Real Time Lead Qualification

Identify your top target accounts, as they’re browsing.

No more waiting for the lead alert or form fill. Call your prospects directly as they browse. No more having to guess which prospect at ACME was the one interested in your widgets.

Chat Now or Chat Later

Someone hit your site at 2am and no one was around to answer the bell? The automated meeting scheduler let’s prospects grab time with you even when you’re not around.

Your website is the sidekick your sales team needs

We’ve all seen it. You send an email, it get’s opened and they clicked. Now what? Greet your outbound prospects as they hit your website in real time, face to face.