Score Your In-Market Accounts with AI

Illuminate buyer intent for your VIP accounts

Stop wasting your limited resources on accounts that aren’t in-market. Instead, leverage first-party intent data from your website to identify sales-ready accounts for immediate revenue, and nurture those who aren’t quite there yet.

ServiceBell Account Trend Report

Focus on high-intent buyers, instead of tire kickers

ServiceBell is the only dialer that connects you with high-intent accounts and contacts who engage with your website. Call ideal contacts at warm accounts. Convert cold call connects into video chat. Drive pipeline with never-before-seen cross-channel tactics.

Spotlight Account Detailed View

Unify first-party buying intent per account

ServiceBell Spotlight monitors hundreds of buying intent data points across all accounts, and aggregates them in one, unified view. Know who is visiting your site, which pages they’re visiting, what they’re interested in, and more.

First-party intent on autopilot

Automatically engage contacts at warm accounts

Identify ideal prospects at target accounts using dynamic filtered lists that update themselves. Engage with video chat, push to dialer, or automatically sync to CRM and sales engagement platforms for follow-up.


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