More conversations in less time

ServiceBell’s AI makes it easier for high-powered dialing teams to reach more ideal prospects. Dial up to 9 lines at once, with AI to detect whether a person or voicemail connects, so you can drop pre-recorded voicemails while using your valuable time to talk to people.


The World’s First Inbound-Aware Dialer

ServiceBell is the only dialer that connects you with high-intent accounts and contacts who engage with your website. Call ideal contacts at warm accounts. Convert cold call connects into video chat. Drive pipeline with never-before-seen cross-channel tactics.

Virtual Salesfloor

Level up as a team

Cold calling is a lonely game. Why not learn and grow together? No matter where you are, ServiceBell’s virtual salesfloor lets you dial together. Auto-mute when a prospect picks up, or go into “Live Listen” mode to learn together as a team. Designed for high-powered calling teams, and leaders who want to invest in each of their reps.


Convert warm accounts with cross-channel tactics

High-quality audio, without a delay

“You’re breaking up” is the last thing an SDR wants to hear. Make every call crystal clear, and parallel dial without the delay that gives you away.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop

Stay out of spam and connect more often

Nobody answers when your caller ID says “Potential Spam”, yet most parallel dialers are marked as spam for high call volume. ServiceBell rotates numbers in realtime, so you aren’t marked as spam and connect more often.


Grow your pipeline with data-driven insights

Understand where your team is struggling and uncover coaching opportunities with robust analytics and call recordings. Track outbound conversion rates, call dispositions, and more broken down by rep performance and list performance.

A young woman working on a laptop

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