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How ServiceBell makes Allbound happen

Engage visitors both in CRM and new prospects using first party intent, proactive video chat, sequencer integrations, account based tactics, our scheduler, and an integrated AI parallel dialer.

A screenshot of a live chat
Live Chat

Connect face-to-face with website visitors at the moment of high intent

A calendar with a meeting being booked

Immediately turn form fills into  meetings, directly on your website

Multiple logos of companies that can integrate with ServiceBell like Zoom, Zapier, Slack, Salesforce, Clearbit.

Automatically engage visitors, qualify leads, and book meetings.

A list of customers information

Illuminate VIP visitors on high-intent pages with Clearbit and 6Sense data.

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Style ServiceBell’s color scheme to match your brand.

Funnels and charts representing analytic data

Measure exact impact on revenue with robust analytics.

ServiceBell Live Chat

Video-first Live Chat to Qualify, Create, and Convert More Leads

Sales and marketing teams use ServiceBell to connect face-to-face with website visitors at their moment of highest intent: on pricing, demo, or conversion pages. That means more quality conversations and more great leads. All in real time.

A screenshot of ServiceBell chat with a video call between a customer and a salesperson
ServiceBell Product

How ServiceBell works

How ServiceBell works
Focus on your most qualified buyers

Clearbit and 6Sense detect qualified accounts on the site. Chatbots automatically qualify website visitors. VIPs are routed to the right rep for a live conversation or a booked meeting.

How ServiceBell works
Personalize every engagement with digital body language

Reps can watch any visitor browse in real-time. Arm reps with information from your CRM, enrichment apps, past conversations in your inbox, session history, and more.

How ServiceBell works
Engage hot leads at pique interest

Engage qualified visitors in live sales conversations at the perfect time, and seamlessly upgrade to video for a live sales meeting right on your site. Show them an instant demo with screen share. Then book the next meeting before signing off with embedded scheduling

ServiceBell Scheduling

Book more meetings with qualified buyers

Immediately turn form fills into booked meetings, directly on your website. End every real-time sales conversation with the next meeting booked. ServiceBell removes friction from meeting your prospects, whether in real-time or down the line.

Screenshot of a calendar where a user is booking a meeting.
ServiceBell Scheduling

How Scheduling works

ServiceBell Scheduling
Instantly turn web forms into booked meetings

Create beautiful scheduling pages, where prospects can easily book time, without email back-and-forth.

ServiceBell Scheduling
Turn realtime conversations into booked meetings 24/7

Schedule the next meeting right from the widget before ending a realtime conversation, either with a live rep or chatbot.

ServiceBell Scheduling
Hold instant meetings on your rep page

Prospects can video call reps on their scheduling page instead of waiting for a meeting, accelerating deals further down-funnel to close.


How ServiceBell Generates Pipeline

ServiceBell for Marketing
Maximize digital spend with a VIP website experience that converts

Automatically qualify and convert visitors to leads with chatbots, route hot buyers to the right rep for a live conversation, or book a meeting for later. Say goodbye to your leaky funnel, for good.

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ServiceBell for Inbound Sales
Instantly turn visitors into opportunities right on your site

Ditch emails, phone calls, and slow lead response times. Instead, engage buyers at pique interest and seamlessly upgrade to a video qualification call. Deals move faster through pipeline than ever before with real-time sales discovery.

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ServiceBell for Outbound Sales
Generate instant meetings from email clickthroughs

ServiceBell surfaces qualified accounts visiting your website, without submitting a form. Then, re-engage and convert hot accounts with outbound emails and targeted ads. Instead of taking shots in the dark, focus on the right prospects at the right time - every time.

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ServiceBell for Product-led Sales
Convert more PQLs with perfectly targeted and timed sales engagements

Product-led sales pipeline skyrockets when you reach out at the right time, with the right context. Surface a live feed of your highest-priority PQLs in-app and engage at the perfect time.

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Generate more pipeline with a CRM-connected website

ServiceBell connects your website to Salesforce and HubSpot data. Get notified when target accounts, open opportunities, and other VIPs are live on the site. Use CRM-record ownership to route visitors. Then, log every interaction in your CRM for robust revenue attribution reporting.


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