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How ServiceBell makes Allbound happen

Engage visitors both in CRM and new prospects using first party intent, proactive video chat, sequencer integrations, account based tactics, our scheduler, and an integrated AI parallel dialer.

First-Party Intent. AI Parallel Dialer. Video Chat.

Engage prospects where they are for better pipeline.

ServiceBell Spotlight

Automate sync and follow-up on high-intent accounts

Detect high-intent accounts visiting your website. Engage with chat, or automatically find prospects that fit your ICP, then automatically push to CRM, your own sequencers, or ServiceBell’s dialer.

ServiceBell Outbound

AI Parallel Dialer with Virtual Salesfloor

Call up to 9 lines at once, while learning together as a team in a virtual sales room. Leverage exclusive “inbound-aware” tactics, like calling into accounts that have indicated high intent on your website.

ServiceBell Live Chat

Video-first Live Chat to Qualify, Create, and Convert More Leads

Sales and marketing teams use ServiceBell to connect face-to-face with website visitors at their moment of highest intent: on pricing, demo, or conversion pages. That means more quality conversations and more great leads. All in real time.

A screenshot of ServiceBell chat with a video call between a customer and a salesperson
ServiceBell Scheduling

Book more meetings with qualified buyers

Immediately turn form fills into booked meetings, directly on your website. End every real-time sales conversation with the next meeting booked. ServiceBell removes friction from meeting your prospects, whether in real-time or down the line.

Screenshot of a calendar where a user is booking a meeting.

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