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Embedded Scheduling

Convert realtime conversations into booked meetings, 24/7

Chatbots automatically engage visitors, generate leads, and book meetings. Reps can offer calendars to qualified buyers before signing off and keep the deal moving quickly. Leave painful back-and-forth emails behind

ServiceBell Events

Seamlessly book individual or team meetings

Create calendar events for individuals, or multi-person scheduling options for teams. Invitees can choose a time when everyone is available, without manual coordinating a time back-and-forth over email.

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Routing & Event Types

Book the right meeting with the right rep, every time

Route meetings by account owner, territory, company size, or anything else you want. Round robin meetings amongst your team, without manual coordination or slow response times.

Scheduling Pages

Pull Meetings Forward into Realtime

Proactively call prospects on your scheduling page with realtime page visitor alerts, or let them request an instant meeting during hours of availability. Instead of waiting for a meeting, accelerate deals with realtime conversations at the perfect time.

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ServiceBell Smart Forms - Coming Soon

Turn form submissions into booked meetings. Instantly.

Email-back-and-forth to schedule meetings hurts inbound conversion rates. Instead, surface the right rep’s calendar upon form submission, so leads can book meetings on the spot. No more ghosting, just calendars packed full of meetings with qualified buyers.


How ServiceBell Generates Pipeline

ServiceBell for Marketing
Maximize digital spend with a VIP website that converts

Automatically qualify and convert leads with chatbots and live routing. Say goodbye to your leaky funnel, for good.

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ServiceBell for Inbound Sales
Instantly turn visitors into opportunities right on your site

Ditch emails, phone calls, and slow lead response times. Deals move faster with real-time sales discovery.

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ServiceBell for Outbound Sales
Increase pipeline with 5x more conversations per day

More pipeline & more conversations. Stop wasting time on bad numbers and increase productivity with AI.

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ServiceBell for Product-led Sales
Convert more PQLs with targeted sales engagements

Surface a live feed of your highest-priority PQLs in-app and engage at the perfect time.

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