Customer Story

DemandZEN Closes $500K with ServiceBell

Within 60 days of adding the ServiceBell widget to DemandZEN's website, Amanda sourced and closed two deals totaling $480K. She continues to see faster-converting leads than their standard contact form, realizing a 40% conversion rate and 100X+ ROI from ServiceBell.

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Amanda Phelps

Senior Account Executive


DemandZEN provides outsourced demand generation for companies looking to aggressively expand their revenue opportunities.

Inbound lead notification was clunky, didn't allow AE's to quickly connect
Lead flow from website visitor to sales pipeline is too slow
Website traffic isn't converting as expected
Unable to identify website visitors without a form fill
Live Chat, Audio and Video enabling real-time discovery
Live website discussions leading to accelerated pipeline flow
Additional channels boosting website conversion
6sense and Clearbit partnerships enabling website visitor ID
Website visitors have multiple paths forward, leading to 40% higher conversion
Inbound demo requests have increased by 20% due to ease of communication
Over $500k net new revenue sourced with ServiceBell in the first 60 days
Real-time feedback on target account engagement

DemandZEN Closes $500K with ServiceBell

DemandZEN relied on traditional 'Contact Us' forms for leads to self-identify as ready for sales. Any confusion around pricing, products or other services were directed via form to an email, leading to a slower sales process. They also needed prospects from their targeted accounts to self-identify, making their outbound efforts less efficient and slower to course correct.

As a leader in the outbound prospecting industry, DemandZEN sought to offer real-time booking options as well as drive more meaningful conversations DIRECTLY ON their website.

Within the first two months of using ServiceBell on our site, I closed one of my biggest deals ever at DemandZEN! And not even a week later, I closed another! These are just two of the opportunities that have already come in!

Amanda Phelps, Senior AE
The Solution

Live Chat, Audio and Video enabling real-time discovery

By adding ServiceBell to their website, DemandZEN is able to engage live with prospects over live chat, audio or video - while keeping the prospect ON the website.

DemandZEN is also utilizing ServiceBell's partnerships with 6sense & Clearbit. Powering key account detection into Slack enables DemanZEN's sellers with real time alerting, creating more meaningful conversations with the right prospect, at the right place, at the right time.

Further, by plugging in one of ServiceBell's calendar integrations (in this case Calendly) prospects are also able to book meetings at their own convenience vs having to fill out a form, considerably accelerating the discovery and qualification processes.

Website Alerts, Chats, Calls routed into Slack or Microsoft Teams Channels
The Result

Website visitors have multiple paths forward, leading to 40% higher conversion

DemandZen is now converting inbound site traffic much faster, and more effectively - all while providing an easy and straightforward buying journey. ServiceBell has only been live on DemandZen's website for a few months and directly influenced over $500,000 in  new contracts.