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How DemandJump Converts Free Trials with in-product sales engagements

"We just had our best week yet with ServiceBell. We found the best place to "ring" prospects in the platform. This week, we closed 3 deals from ServiceBell, about $45K in revenue for us. I absolutely LOVE this platform."

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Don Mulroy

CRO @ DemandJump


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Improve trial to paid conversion rate
Improve inbound sales velocity
Trial leads ghost sales team after sign up
Friction in the PLG onboarding process
Engage new trials while they're in-product
Activate trials with screen takeover
Convert trials to customers on the spot
Catch new sign ups before they churn
Qualified trials meet with sales in minutes, not days
Deals sourced via ServiceBell close up to 5x faster
Meet with prospects at the pique of their interest
Saw ROI within a few weeks of launch

How DemandJump Converts Free Trials with in-product sales engagements

Everyone loves PLG - but most products have too much friction in their onboarding process for completely self-serve activation. Users sign up for the product, poke around for 3 minutes, leave, and never return.

SDRs try to re-engage unactivated trials for the sales team - but it's usually too late. Emails land in spam. Nobody answers the phone. LinkedIn connections are ignored. Without activating users off the bat, most trials ghost instead of converting to paid.

The few trials that do schedule meetings with sales aren't held for days or weeks after sign-up. Days later, something else is top of mind. Momentum is lost. We call this period (from the first sign-up to opportunity creation) "trial limbo." 

According to Dreamdata's B2B go-to-market benchmarks, trial limbo is the longest portion of the B2B SaaS sales cycle (a whopping 98 days.) 42% of the sales cycle is spent in trial limbo.

DemandJump needed to improve their trial conversions in-app. Rather than allowing trials to enter the limbo period, DemandJump saw the value of capitalizing on the moment of intent - when a new trial signs up for their platform.

DemandJump partnered with ServiceBell to engage trials in-product, at the pique of their interest, with live video chat and screen takeover.

When you meet prospects in a scheduled call, they come in guarded, and usually don't remember why they took the meeting in the first place. 3 days later, something else is top of mind. Instead, ServiceBell helps you meet customers in their greatest moment of need: when they're in your app.

Ryan Sullivan, Account Executive @ DemandJump & ServiceBell Power User
The Solution

Engage new trials while they're in-product

ServiceBell gives DemandJump's team a real-time list of their hottest leads via the dashboard, which shows all trials actively using the product. Reps also receive Slack alerts in real-time of high-value trial sign-ups.

Rather than cold calling trials with low connect rates - only to book a meeting scheduled days in the future - DemandJump's team proactively and reactively engages trials in-product with ServiceBell.

Proactive ServiceBell calls connect with trials 2X more often than cold calls and don't begin with "I'm busy, call back later" or "I'm no longer interested." ServiceBell initiates instant meetings with prospects in their moment of need.

After the ServiceBell discovery call, DemandJump's team activates the trial with screen takeover before booking a call for the sales team or closing the deal on the spot.

ServiceBell activates trials that would otherwise churn, builds stronger champions, and accelerates the sales process to close faster than ever.

The Result

Qualified trials meet with sales in minutes, not days

Before ServiceBell, DemandJump took several days to hold the first meeting with a trial and another 15-20 days to close the deal (20-30 days total).

Now, DemandJump meets with trials the day - and sometimes the moment - of sign-up, drastically accelerating the sales cycle.

For example, DemandJump called a trial user the day of sign up and closed them within the week, shaving off 75% from their sales cycle.

In another case, DemandJump's team noticed a trial user who was trying to pay but had trouble checking out and left. DemandJump reached out immediately, and converted the trial on the spot. DemandJump may have lost the deal if it wasn't for ServiceBell.

In conclusion, ServiceBell has helped DemandJump accelerate sales by improving their speed to lead, freemium conversions, and accelerating the sales process.

If you want to accelerate your sales, schedule a ServiceBell demo and see the magic for yourself!