Video Call Hot Prospects on High-Intent Pages (Like Pricing, Demo Request, Contact, etc)

Stop wasting time with prospects who’ll never end up buying. Instead, video call and engage prospects visiting high-intent pages using ServiceBell.

Daniel Ternyak

Most sales reps don’t have time to deal with tire-kickers.

You’re farrrr too busy sending memes to your friends over Slack.

Here’s how to target and engage prospects viewing high-intent pages on your website.

So you can avoid the time-wasters and focus on prospects who are actually serious.


  • High-Intent Visitors Are a Goldmine
  • Use Slack Alerts to Never Miss High-Intent Visitors
  • Video Call & Quickly Qualify High-Intent Visitors
  • Give a Live Demo & Book The Next Steps

High-Intent Visitors Are a Goldmine

Target and engage visitors viewing high-intent pages…

They’re the 🔥 HOTTEST 🔥 prospects you could be talking to at any given time. They’re viewing these pages for a reason — to figure out if your product is worth purchasing.

Don’t waste time engaging every single person who views your website…

If you don’t want to go on a PIP plan — you need to avoid tire-kickers like the plague. Someone reading your blog or exploring your careers page just isn’t worth the trouble.

High-Intent vs Low-Intent Pages

Use Slack Alerts to Never Miss High-Intent Visitors

Get instantly pinged on Slack whenever a visitor views a high-intent page. So you can quickly engage and qualify them — before they leave.

Just follow both tutorials below (estimated time is 3-5 minutes):

1. Create a High-Intent Visitor Segment (for Slack Alerts)

2. Setup Instant Slack Alerts for High-Intent Visitors

Video Call & Quickly Qualify High-Intent Visitors

How you engage the high-intent prospect can make or break the opportunity.

Here’s everything you need to know so that these calls go as smoothly as possible:

☎️ Maximize Call Pickup Rate

  • Call high-intent visitor alerts immediately (speed-to-lead is critical)
  • Turn on your video, smile, and wave to them (they can see you before picking up)
  • Use clever canned responses to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Emphasize that you're a real person

📝 Qualify Them (while they’re in buying mode)

You won’t always have specific contact information available.

Sometimes, we know the company via Clearbit or 6Sense, but you still have to figure out who you’re speaking with in most cases.

You want to roll out the red carpet for VIPs but don’t want to waste your time with bad prospects. When you start a ServiceBell call with an unknown visitor, your job = qualify the website visitor as quickly as possible.

📜 Here’s a script you can swipe from the reps at ServiceBell🛎️

  1. Initial Greeting: “Hey there — how can I help you?”
  2. Humanize The Interaction & Probe for Context: “Haha yup, I’m a real person! So how’d you find us?”
  3. Introduce Yourself & Get Their Name: “By the way, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY], what’s your name?”
  4. Transition Into Discovery:

Based on something they’ve said, transition to a question about their use case or their company. So you can gather more information about them. For example:

  • PROSPECT: ”Could ServiceBell help me convert more visitors on my e-commerce website?
  • SALES REP: “Well, it would be easier to tell if I could see your website. Could you link me?"

✅ Additional Tips for Successful Calls:

  • Accessing Account Information: Crucial account info can be found on the left panel (when viewing or talking with a visitor).
  • On-the-Fly Information Gathering: Be ready to multi-task. Sometimes you may need to quickly look up their company on Clearbit, check details in your CRM, etc. This helps you gather all the necessary information to qualify the person you're speaking with quickly.

Give a Live Demo & Book The Next Steps

After qualifying the visitor and performing discovery, now it’s time to give them a live demo and then hopefully — book the next steps.

Ready to share your screen and give a demo?

→ Just click “Share” and pick whatever tab/window you’d like to show. It’s really that easy.

Ready to schedule the next steps?

→ Just click the calendar icon and pick the meeting type.

Bonus Tip

The page with the HIGHEST-INTENT isn’t on your website.

It’s the proposal/quote page you send to prospects.

Here’s how to turn proposal viewers into closed customers — by video calling them before they leave and forget all about your proposal.