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ServiceBell for Outbound Sales

More pipeline starts with more conversations, powered by AI

Reach more prospects by parallel dialing prospects and prioritizing hot leads. Accelerate rep efficiency by eliminating manual work, voicemails, phone trees, and bad numbers. Stop feeling lonely with a virtual sales floor.

A young woman working on a laptop
Accelerate Team Efficiency

Reach more prospects without manual work, voicemails or bad numbers

ServiceBell Outbound eliminates wasted time on the phone. AI automatically leaves voicemails, filters bad numbers, and navigates phone directories, so your SDRs can 5x their connect rate and book more meetings.


Increase pipeline with 5x more conversations per day

More pipeline starts with more conversations. Instead of reps wasting time calling bad numbers, navigating phone trees, and leaving voicemails, increase rep productivity with AI.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop

Automatically prioritize your hottest leads

ServiceBell prioritizes your hottest leads first, so you can book more meetings with higher pickup rates and better conversations. Automatically call hot leads on your website in the middle of a cold call block, without interrupting your workflow.


A team that calls together, sticks together

Remote SDR life can get lonely, especially when you’re facing rejection all day long from your bedroom. Learn from your team, celebrate wins, and feel like you’re in-person again with ServiceBell’s remote sales floor.


Improve performance with robust analytics

Cold calling is both an art and a science. Pinpoint where you’re going wrong and improve your opener, elevator pitch, objection handling, so you can book more meetings.


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