Turn Proposal Viewers Into Closed Customers (via Live Video Calls)

Use ServiceBell to video call prospects viewing your proposals, immediately after they open it. So you can handle their objections and close them before they leave.

Daniel Ternyak

Most prospects don’t read proposals.

They skim them. Then forget them.

If prospects have objections while skimming through your proposal, they’ll just throw it on the back burner. Which usually ends up stalling out the deal, until it ends up “Lost - No Decision”.

Don’t chase down prospects after sending a proposal (just to be ghosted 🙃).

Turn proposal viewers into closed customers — by engaging them in real-time, through a video call, and while they’re actively viewing your proposal. Here’s how:


  • Strike While The Iron’s Hot
  • Setup Slack Alerts for When Prospects View Your Proposal
  • Video Call & Close Them While They’re On Your Proposal
  • Engage Unknown Decision-Makers & Handle Their Objections
  • How RBP Closed a $7,500 Deal & $5,000/Month Subscription Using This Play

🔥 Strike While The Iron’s Hot 🔥

With ServiceBell, you can video call prospects while they’re actively viewing your proposal. Catching them while their interest is piqued helps you overcome their objections in real-time, so you can nudge them across the finish line.

But how do you know when they’re viewing your proposal? Easy!

You just have to setup Slack alerts that ping you when they’re on it. Which brings me to the next section…

Setup Slack Alerts for When Prospects View Your Proposal

Here’s how to install ServiceBell on your proposal/quote page and setup Slack alerts for when prospects view them:

Install ServiceBell Widget on Proposals

For Dock.us Proposals & Quotes

(click here for step-by-step instructions)

For Other Proposal Tools

Most popular proposal/quote tools give you the option to embed custom code into the page that prospects will view. To add ServiceBell to the proposal page, all you have to do is install ServiceBell’s widget, just like you would on your website.

Setup a Dedicated Live Feed & Slack Alerts for Proposal Viewers

Video Call & Close Them While They’re On Your Proposal

The way you engage a prospect viewing your proposal can either save or kill the deal.

Here are the key points you need to so that these calls go as smoothly as possible:

When Exactly Should You Call Proposal Viewers?

✅ Act fast. When you get an alert that a prospect is viewing a proposal — pounce on them ASAP. The faster you can engage them, the more likely you’ll end up closing them.

❌ Don’t wait around. When a prospect is viewing your proposal, they should become your MAIN priority. Drop what you’re doing and immediately call them.

How to Uncover & Overcome Deal-Killing Objections

❌ Don’t interrogate them and act pushy. They’ll smell your commission breath.

✅ Instead, act like you’re just checking in on them. Ask open-ended questions and listen to their tone — not their answers.

Then, use the famous technique from Chris Voss (a former FBI hostage negotiator) known as labeling. Here’s how:

  1. Identify the emotion they’re feeling
    → Do they sound hesitant? Skeptical? Bored? Excited? Annoyed?
  1. Apply a label to their emotion
    → Use phrases like: “It seems like…” or “It sounds like…”
    → Example: “It sounds like the timeline’s making you feel a bit hesitant”
  1. Pause and listen to their response
    → After applying a label, pause and allow the prospect to respond.
    → They might confirm, correct, or expand on the label — exposing their true concerns and objections. This is what you want.
  1. Mirror back their concerns
    → Example: “I understand where you’re coming from. You need this done on a much faster timeline in order to hit your target.”
  1. Ask probing questions
    → Example: “I’m sure you have other proposals you’re also looking at. What kind of timelines do they have?”
  1. Use hypotheticals to propose solutions
    → Example: “What if we added a 15% rush-fee to the proposal and cut the timeline down by 2-3 months? Would that be way over budget?”

Engage Unknown Decision-Makers & Handle Their Objections

In most organizations — proposals don’t get viewed by one person.

They get passed around internally to key decision-makers and stakeholders for review.

You can use ServiceBell to engage decision-makers (that you don’t even known about) who are viewing your proposal in real-time. Letting you call and overcome their specific objections right there in the moment.

💡 For example:

Imagine your primary contact is the head of marketing.

The head of marketing requires approval from the CRO and CEO.

Think about it — these stakeholders probably have completely different concerns compared to the marketing head. With ServiceBell, instead of allowing them to think over objections themselves, you just can address these concerns directly over a live call.

Helping you close more deals, and ya know, make more money.

How RBP Closed a $7,500 Deal & $5,000/Month Subscription Using This Play

The Brutal Truth

Prospects don’t care as much as you’d like them to.

But if you can engage them at the pique of their interest, overcoming the objections that would’ve stalled out your deal… You can replace follow-up emails with signed contracts.

Luckily for you — ServiceBell was built to do EXACTLY that.

Stop sending follow-up emails.

Start closing hot prospects in real-time: