Re-Engage Target Accounts That Visited But Didn’t Convert

Use a ServiceBell journey to automatically re-engage target accounts who visited your website but didn’t convert.

Daniel Ternyak
November 19, 2023

😭 Please, stop crying…

If a target account visited your website and didn’t convert — you can still capture them when they revisit by engaging them with an automated journey.

Feel better? Great. Now I’ll show you exactly how to do this step-by-step.

So you can stop crying and start converting target accounts like it’s nothing.

Automatically Re-Engage Target Accounts (step-by-step)

Here’s how to use a journey to…

  1. Setup a trigger for target accounts that visited but never converted
  2. Engage them with a personalized video and greeting message
  3. Instantly ping the perfect sales rep on Slack

That’s it. Easy, right?

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