Pounce on Target Accounts Viewing Your Website (Before They Leave)

Pounce on target accounts while they’re viewing your website. So you can start warm conversations in real-time (while they’re actively considering your product).

Daniel Ternyak
November 12, 2023

Imagine spending $12,573 on a HUGE party for your crush — just to hide in the bathroom when they show up. All that time, money, and effort trying to impress them: wasted.

That’s what most companies running ABM campaigns are doing.

You spend all of this time, budget, and effort nurturing target accounts — just to end up missing them when they visit your website (while their interest is piqued).

STOP wasting endless resources nurturing target accounts just for them to slip through the cracks. START pouncing on target accounts while they’re viewing your website. So you can start warm conversations in real-time (while they’re actively considering your product). Here’s how:


  • Route Slack Alerts for Target Accounts to The Perfect Reps
  • Pounce on Target Accounts & Start a Live Conversation
  • Perform Discovery & Give Them a Demo On The Fly
  • Overcome Deal-Killing Objections
  • Book The Next Steps

Route Slack Alerts for Target Accounts to The Perfect Reps

Pounce on Target Accounts & Start a Live Conversation

☎️ Maximize Call Pickup Rate

  • Call target account visitor alerts immediately (speed-to-lead is critical)
  • Turn on your video, smile, and wave to them (they can see you before picking up)
  • Use clever canned responses to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Emphasize that you're a real person

🤹 Multitask & Pull Up Their Information

Be ready to multi-task. Sometimes you may need to quickly check details in your CRM or on the left panel (when viewing or talking to a prospect). This helps you gather all the necessary information on the account you’re engaging.

Perform Discovery & Give Them a Demo

Now it’s time to figure out their core pain points and the features they’re interested in. So you can give them a quick demo that shows them exactly what they want to see. Here’s how:

👋 Introduce Yourself (if you haven’t already)

  1. Initial Greeting
    Example:Hey there — how can I help you?”
  2. Humanize The Interaction & Probe for Context
    Example: “Haha yup, I’m a real person! So how’d you find us?”
  3. Introduce Yourself & Get Their Name
    Example: “By the way, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY], what’s your name?”

🤔 Subtly Transition Into Discovery

After a brief introduction — leverage what you already know about their business to guide the conversation towards how your product can meet their specific needs.

Since ABM involves in-depth knowledge of the target accounts, use this to demonstrate that you understand their challenges and industry. For example:

  1. PROSPECT: "One of your LinkedIn ads got me haha. I'm curious - how can [YOUR PRODUCT] help us exactly?"
  2. SALES REP: "Well, I noticed from your recent press releases that your company is expanding into new markets. How are you planning to engage these new customer segments through your website?"
  3. PROSPECT: "We've been considering an automated chatbot. But, to be honest, I'm a bit worried it might not provide the kind of engaging experience we want for our visitors. They tend to just annoy me haha."
  4. SALES REP: "That's a valid concern. Many businesses find that while chatbots are efficient for basic queries, they often fall short in delivering a truly engaging and personalized experience."
  5. PROSPECT: "Yes, exactly. We want to be more interactive and personal with our visitors but aren’t sure how to balance that with automation."
  6. SALES REP: "Hm. I think you’d might be interested in our journeys and video calling features. It bridges the gap between automation and personal interaction. Want me to give you a quick demo?"

💻 Share Your Screen & Give a Demo

Don’t drag your feet or beat around the bush.

Once you’ve performed sufficient discovery — now it’s time to get right into the demo.

Click “Share” and select the tab/window you’d like to show:

Talk in listicles and give them an overview:

  • “Here’s the 3 things I’d like to show you:”
  • “There are 2 main features I want to show you:”

Don’t waffle on about the benefits. Focus on the problem you help them avoid:

“This makes it so you’re NOT missing qualified prospects visiting your site.”

“This helps you capture more qualified prospects!”

After the demo — ask them fast forward and rewind questions:

  • “If you had this a year from now — what are 1-2 things that might be different?”
  • “If you had this a year ago — what are 1-2 things that might be different?”

P.S. I’d like to thank Michael Manzi for these amazing discovery lines.

Overcome Deal-Killing Objections

Most people tend to avoid confrontation, so if they have objections, they’ll just keep it to themselves. If you don’t uncover these hidden objections, they can and will kill your deal, right before the finish line. Here’s how to figure out what prospects are REALLY thinking:

1. Use exaggerated and hyperbolic language
Rep: “So, do you LOVE it? Is it everything you were hoping for and more?”

2. Listen to their tone (not their response)
Prospect: “Yeaahh. Uhhh, I would say I like it.”

3. Identify the emotion behind their tone and label it
Rep: “Hm, are you sure? It sounds like you’re a little bit hesitant?”
Prospect: “Well…. I like the overall product, but I’m not sure if it fits well into our current process”

4. Mirror back their concern and let them expand
Rep: “Fit into your current process?”
Prospect: "Yeah, we use Slack for most of our customer engagement. I know, it’s unconventional."

5. Overcome their real objections (without being pushy)
Rep: “Oops, I must’ve forgotten to show you. Our product actually integrates directly into your Slack. Want me to show you how it works?”
Prospect: “Oh, sure — that’d be great!”

Book The Next Steps

Now it’s time to move the deal forward and schedule the next steps.

Simply ask them if you should schedule the next call for [X] day, and then ask if that’s too soon. For example: “How about we talk next Tuesday, or is that too soon?”

They might agree. They might propose a later date.

Whatever happens, all you have to do next is click the calendar icon in your chat and select the meeting type. This will let them pick whatever day works best for them.

The Bottom Line

ABM isn’t just a trend. It can and does work, but only if you’re engaging your target accounts while their interest is piqued — before they forget all about your product.

Don’t pour endless resources into nurturing a target account, just to miss them while their actively considering your product. Use ServiceBell to stay on top of target accounts viewing your website. So you can pounce on them and start a warm conversation: