Video Call & Qualify Prospects Directly Through Your Website (Using ServiceBell)

Use ServiceBell to skip all of the unnecessary stages and jump straight into a live conversation (through your website) with warm prospects

Daniel Ternyak
November 12, 2023

I’m sorry — I don’t care what your manager says…

❌ You DO NOT have to ask 10 million questions to qualify prospects during discovery

❌ You DO NOT have to schedule 37 different calls just to give prospects a demo

❌ You DO NOT have to shove benefits and ROI down your prospect's throat

We’re going into 2024. These tactics are outdated. They don’t work anymore.

If you want to actually improve your win rate — you have to use tactics that reduce friction and lower the prospects guard. In other words, you have to speed things up and stop sounding like every other salesperson.


  • Get instant Slack alerts when a visitor shows high-intent
  • Immediately video call that visitor directly through your website
  • Quickly qualify and perform discovery (without asking 10 million questions)
  • Give them a live product demo by sharing your screen directly through your website

Setup Slack Alerts for High-Intent Visitors

Grab Their Attention & Get Them to Pickup

Ayyy! So you got a Slack alert. Now, it’s time to pounce on the visitor. Once you get a Slack alert — drop what you’re doing and immediately call the visitor. The faster you engage them the better.

☎️ Maximize Call Pickup Rate

  • Call high-intent visitor alerts immediately (speed-to-lead is critical)
  • Turn on your video, smile, and wave to them (they can see you before picking up)
  • Use clever canned responses to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Emphasize that you're a real person

🤹 Multitask & Pull Up Their Information

Crucial account info can be found on the left panel (when viewing or talking with a visitor).

Be ready to multi-task. Sometimes you may need to quickly look up their company on Clearbit, check details in your CRM, etc. This helps you gather all the necessary information to qualify the person you're speaking with quickly.

Transition Into Discovery & Qualify Them ASAP

Skip the questions about the weather, now’s not the time for small talk.

Just introduce yourself and then subtly transition into discovery — where you can then quickly qualify. Here’s how:

👋 Introduce Yourself

  1. Initial GreetingExample:Hey there — how can I help you?”
  2. Humanize The Interaction & Probe for ContextExample: “Haha yup, I’m a real person! So how’d you find us?”
  3. Introduce Yourself & Get Their NameExample: “By the way, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY], what’s your name?”

🤔 Subtly Transition Into Discovery

Based on something they’ve said, transition to a question about their use case or their company. So you can gather more information about them. For example:

  1. PROSPECT: ”Could ServiceBell help me convert outbound prospects visiting my website?
  2. SALES REP: “Well, it would be easier to tell if I could see your website. Could you link me?”

👊 Probe for Context & Uncover Their Problems

  1. Figure out how they’re currently getting the job doneExample: “So you said you're interested in our video calling feature. Hm. Can I ask how you're currently engaging visitors on your site?”
  2. Uncover the underlying problem they’re trying to solveExample: "Ah, okay, so you’re using an automated chatbot to try and collect emails. Well, what’s wrong with that? Why make a change now?”

Give a Demo On The Fly (via Screen Share)

Don’t drag your feet or beat around the bush. Once you’ve properly qualified them. Now it’s time to get right into the demo. This is what they’re talking to you for. Here’s how:

📝 Briefly Give Them Context

Talk in listicles and give them an overview:

  • “Here’s the 3 things I’d like to show you:”
  • “There are 2 main features I want to show you:”

💻 Share Your Screen & Give a Demo

→ Just click “Share” and then pick the window/tab you’d like to show.

😨 Use Negative Language

Don’t waffle on about the benefits. Focus on the problem you help them avoid:

“This makes it so you’re NOT missing qualified prospects visiting your site.”

“This helps you capture more qualified prospects!”

🕒 Ask Fast Forward & Rewind Questions

Don’t ask them vague questions. Get specific and make them think long-term.

  • “If you had this a year from now — what are 1-2 things that might be different?”
  • “If you had this a year ago — what are 1-2 things that might be different?”

P.S. I’d like to thank Michael Manzi for these amazing discovery lines.

Uncover & Overcome Hidden Objections

Most people tend to avoid confrontation, so if they have objections, they’ll just keep it to themselves. If you don’t uncover these hidden objections, they can and will kill your deal, right before the finish line. Here’s how to figure out what prospects are REALLY thinking:

1. Use exaggerated and hyperbolic language
Rep: “So, do you LOVE it? Is it everything you were hoping for and more?”

2. Listen to their tone (not their response)
Prospect: “Yeaahh. Uhhh, I would say I like it.”

3. Identify the emotion behind their tone and label it
Rep: “Hm, are you sure? It sounds like you’re a little bit hesitant?”
Prospect: “Well…. I like the overall product, but I’m not sure if it fits well into our current process”

4. Mirror back their concern and let them expand
Rep: “Fit into your current process?”
Prospect: "Yeah, we use Slack for most of our sales communications."

5. Overcome their real objections (without being pushy)
Rep: “Oops, I must’ve forgotten to show you. Our product actually integrates directly into your Slack. Want me to show you how it works?”
Prospect: “Oh, sure — that’d be great!”

Move The Deal Forward (without being pushy)

After properly qualifying and giving them a demo — now it’s time to move the deal forward and schedule the next steps.

Simply ask them if you should schedule the next call for [X] day, and then ask if that’s too soon. For example: “How about we talk next Tuesday, or is that too soon?”

They might agree. They might propose a later date.

Whatever happens, all you have to do next is click the calendar icon in your chat and select the meeting type. This will let them pick whatever day works best for them.

The Bottom Line

Traditional contact forms are dead. Prospects just ignore them.

However, by starting video calls with high-intent prospects viewing your site — you can skip all of the unnecessary stages and jump straight into a live conversation.

Making both you AND your prospect’s life a lot easier.

This is exactly what ServiceBell was created for: