7 Pipedrive Integrations to Streamline Your Workflows

These seven Pipedrive integrations can help you better respond to sales emails, chat with team members about leads you’re trying to convert, and more.

Daniel Ternyak
January 29, 2023

When choosing a sales CRM, you need a tool that helps you efficiently move leads through the sales pipeline. For many business owners, Pipedrive best fits the bill. It's an intuitive platform that helps you visualize the actions your sales team needs to take, each step of the way. And when exiting the platform to use third-party apps, you don't have to leave the power of Pipedrive behind (and vice versa). There are hundreds of Pipedrive integrations available for you to get the most out of your sales CRM.

If you're a Pipedrive user — or considering becoming one — see how seven of the best Pipedrive integrations can streamline your workflows.

1. Pipedrive for Gmail

Pipedrive integrations: Gmail

Image credit: Google

Pipedrive for Gmail is a free email integration that allows you to respond to sales emails with more context about your leads. When you receive an email from an existing Pipedrive contact, you can pull up all the information you need about them (including past conversations) on the side of your screen. When a new lead emails you, you can use this Pipedrive integration to create a new contact on your sales CRM.

You'll also be able to forward emails straight to Pipedrive, so all your interactions are logged in one central sales management tool.

When you connect Pipedrive to Gmail, you'll also have Scheduler (Pipedrive's scheduling tool) conveniently available in your email composer. This added tool allows you to add a link that allows leads to book a meeting time — no copy and pasting needed. But keep in mind, if you have one of Pipedrive's lower tier plans, you'll only have access to a partial version of Scheduler, so you may not want to use this part of the integration at all.

2. Dealbot for Slack

Pipedrive integrations: Dealbot for Slack

Image credit: Pipedrive

Dealbot for Slack is an automation that keeps all your team members in the loop about the leads you're trying to convert. On a dedicated Slack channel of your choice, Dealbot can notify your sales team when a new Pipedrive deal is added, which occurs when you start pursuing a new person or a new organization. If collaboration is needed, you can then use Slack comments and reactions to chat with your team about a specific deal.

This free Pipedrive integration can also alert your team when a deal moves through your sales funnel, when the value of a deal changes, or when you lose or close deals. Customized notifications are only available after you upgrade your Pipedrive account from the Essentials plan.

3. Outfunnel

Pipedrive integrations: Outfunnel

Image credit: Pipedrive

Pipedrive's Outfunnel integration is a marketing automation that helps your salespeople and marketers collaborate. Outfunnel can sync contacts between Pipedrive and email marketing tools like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. This integration can also forward data on website visits, email opens, web form fills, and more to your Pipedrive CRM, so no interaction with leads is missed.

Using the data it collects from the Outfunnel integration, Pipedrive can help you score leads more accurately, so you can follow up with those that are most likely to buy. Outfunnel will soon be able to connect Pipedrive to LinkedIn, Google Ads, and other well-known marketing platforms, too.

To use this Pipedrive integration, you will need to pay separately for an Outfunnel account. Outfunnel pricing starts at $19 per month.

4. Asana

Pipedrive integrations: Asana

Image credit: Pipedrive

Pipedrive's Asana integration can help you make your Pipedrive deals more actionable. Whenever there's new activity on a deal — for example, when a deal stage changes or when a deal is closed or lost — this Pipedrive integration helps you automatically create a task in Asana. This task can be complete with contact details, notes, attachments, and more.

However, this integration doesn't allow you to automatically assign tasks, set deadlines, or create subtasks. You will need to manually create and delegate the next steps in your sales process if needed.

Pipedrive also offers a similar integration for Trello, which may be best for sales teams that prefer this task management system.

5. PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures

PandaDoc Proposals

Image credit: Pipedrive

PandaDoc is a document creation software that helps you quickly build contracts, proposals, invoices, and more official documents, just by dragging and dropping custom fields. The tool streamlines the process of collecting e-signatures, credit card information, and more. But with Pipedrive's PandaDoc integration, you can automate parts of this process by pre-populating your document templates with existing Pipedrive contact data.

When your sales leads are ready to buy, this integration also lets you send documents straight to them from Pipedrive. This way, you don't have to jump on PandaDoc's platform just to collect a signature.

This is one of Pipedrive's more expensive integrations. You must have a PandaDoc Business account, which costs $49 per user per month, to use this integration.

6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Image credit: Pipedrive

Pipedrive's Microsoft Teams integration is similar to the Dealbot for Slack integration, in that it can instantly notify your team of Pipedrive deal updates. When deal stages change, all your relevant team members can stay updated on your Microsoft Teams chat. But what makes this free integration really stand out is that you can use it to schedule and join Microsoft Teams calls straight from Pipedrive.

While you're using your sales CRM, you can schedule a Teams meeting straight from Pipedrive, and your lead will instantly get notified. Then, when it's time for your video call, you can launch the meeting from Pipedrive with information about your current deal readily available. Your conversation can have much more context.

The video call capabilities of this Pipedrive integration are only available with Scheduler. Just like with Pipedrive for Gmail, if you have one of Pipedrive's lower-tier plans, there may be limitations to how much you can do with Microsoft Teams on Pipedrive.

7. Twilio SMS & WhatsApp

Twilio SMS and WhatsApp

Image credit: Pipedrive

Twilio SMS & WhatsApp for Pipedrive allows you to manage text messages and WhatsApp messages straight from your sales CRM. When you want to send messages to individuals, specific groups, or your entire sales contacts list, you can do so using the power of Twilio on Pipedrive. When you receive a new message via SMS or WhatsApp, you can similarly use Pipedrive to respond. 

Whether your goal is to engage your customers in a conversation, provide support in their sales journey, or send out a sales promotion to all your leads, this integration can help you out.

Getting started with this Pipedrive integration can be a little confusing. You'll need to create an account with Ulgebra, the software company that created this integration. You'll also need an existing Twilio account — which is free, though you'll need to pay a small fee per message you send or receive.

Improve Your Sales Process With Pipedrive Integrations

Pipedrive is a popular sales management software for teams that want to streamline their sales processes — in part thanks to its powerful integrations. You can connect your Pipedrive account to hundreds of third-party apps, including many you may already be using. The Pipedrive integrations on this list are a great starting point to help you make the most out of your sales CRM.

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