Give a Demo to Anonymous Website Visitors (Through Your Website)

Stop making prospects jump through endless hoops just to get a demo. Instead, use ServiceBell to give demos on the fly to high-intent prospects.

Daniel Ternyak
November 4, 2023

Prospects don’t want to schedule 47 different calls just to get a demo.

Here’s a mind-blowing idea:


Are you sitting down?


Instead of forcing prospects to jump through 7,374 hoops just to see how your product actually works… Why not just give them a demo — right when they want it?


  • Get Slack alerts when a visitor views your “Pricing” or “Book a Demo” page
  • Immediately video call that visitor through your website and get them to pick up
  • Quickly qualify and perform discovery (without asking them 10 million questions)
  • Give them a live product demo by sharing your screen directly through your website

Setup Slack Alerts for “Pricing” & “Book a Demo” Visitors (Then Pounce On Them ASAP)

Video Call & Qualify Them (Before They Leave)

The faster you can qualify them, the better.

Nobody wants to answer 10 million “discovery” questions - just to get a demo.

Frankly, you don’t even have to ask that many discovery questions to properly qualify a visitor (despite what your manager tells you).

☎️ Maximize Call Pickup Rate

  • Call high-intent visitor alerts immediately (speed-to-lead is critical)
  • Turn on your video, smile, and wave to them (they can see you before picking up)
  • Use clever canned responses to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Emphasize that you're a real person

📝 Qualify Them (while they’re in buying mode)

You won’t always have specific contact information available.

Sometimes, we know the company via Clearbit or 6Sense, but you still have to figure out who you’re speaking with in most cases.

You want to roll out the red carpet for VIPs but don’t want to waste your time with bad prospects. When you start a ServiceBell call with an unknown visitor, your job = qualify the website visitor as quickly as possible.

📜 Here’s a script you can swipe from the reps at ServiceBell 🛎️

  1. Initial Greeting: “Hey there — how can I help you?”
  2. Humanize The Interaction & Probe for Context: “Haha yup, I’m a real person! So how’d you find us?”
  3. Introduce Yourself & Get Their Name: “By the way, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY], what’s your name?”
  4. Transition Into Discovery:

Based on something they’ve said, transition to a question about their use case or their company. So you can gather more information about them. For example:

  • PROSPECT: ”Could ServiceBell help me convert more visitors on my e-commerce website?
  • SALES REP: “Well, it would be easier to tell if I could see your website. Could you link me?"

Give a Demo on The Fly (via Screen Share)

After performing brief discovery and qualifying the visitor — now it’s time to get into the demo. Based on what they said during the discovery, jump straight into the features they’re interested in. Don’t force them to learn about stuff they don’t care about.

Ready to give a demo?

→ Just click “Share” and pick whatever tab/window you’d like to show.

Uncover Hidden Objections

Prospects love to lie. Even more so than salespeople (it’s a joke, settle down).

That’s why you shouldn’t listen to WHAT they say — but rather HOW they say it.

At the end of the demo, instead of asking what they think, use this script:

📜 How to uncover and overcome hidden objections:

  1. Use exaggerated and hyperbolic language
    Rep: “So, do you LOVE it? Is it everything you were hoping for and more?”
  2. Listen to their tone (not their response)
    Prospect: “Yeaahh. Uhhh, I would say I like it.”
  3. Identify the emotion behind their tone and label it
    Rep: “Hm, are you sure? It sounds like you’re a little bit hesitant?”
    Prospect: “Well…. I like the overall product, but I’m not sure if it fits well into our current process”
  4. Mirror back their concern and let them expand
    Rep: “Fit into your current process?”
    Prospect: "Yeah, we use Slack for most of our communications and project management."
  5. Overcome their real objections (without being pushy)
    Rep: “Oops, I must’ve forgot to show you. Our product actually integrates directly into your Slack. Want me to show you how it works?”
    Prospect: “Oh, sure — that’d be great!”

Book The Next Steps

After qualifying them and performing discovery, now it’s time to book the next steps. Luckily for you — ServiceBell makes this ridiculously easy.

Ready to schedule the next steps?

→ Just click the calendar icon and pick the meeting type.

The Bottom Line

Prospects don’t have time to jump through endless hoops just to get a demo.

Stop making your prospects fit into YOUR sales process.

Start making your sales process FIT prospects needs: