Close Deals Directly Through Your Website (in Under 15-Minutes)

Selling a transactional product? Here’s how to close prospects directly on a video call over your website — in under 15-minutes.

Daniel Ternyak
November 12, 2023

I know what you’re thinking…

The headline sounds too good to be true. It must be click-bait, right? WRONG.

This play shows you step-by-step how to close deals with hot prospects in under 15-minutes (through fast-paced video calls held directly on your website).

I’m not exaggerating.

If you follow this play closely, you’ll have prospects begging you to take their money.


❌ This play WON’T WORK for complex products that involve multiple stakeholders, large budgets, long sales cycles, etc.

✅ This play WILL WORK for more simple, low-cost products with short sales cycles that are bought by a single decision maker.

Here’s a good rule of thumb.

If the product can be fully understood and its value immediately grasped in a single, short conversation, it's a perfect candidate for this play. Think 'easy to explain, easy to buy.

Setup Slack Alerts for High-Intent Visitors

Grab Their Attention & Maximize Pickup Rate

The hardest part of this play is getting them to pickup. However, if they do pick up, that’s a really great sign. That’s why when you get a Slack alert — you need to drop what you’re doing and pounce on them ASAP. The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll close them.

☎️ Maximize Call Pickup Rate

  • Call high-intent visitor alerts immediately (speed-to-lead is critical)
  • Turn on your video, smile, and wave to them (they can see you before picking up)
  • Use clever canned responses to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Emphasize that you're a real person

🤹 Multitask & Pull Up Their Information

Crucial account info can be found on the left panel (when viewing or talking with a visitor).

Be ready to multi-task. Sometimes you may need to quickly look up their company on Clearbit, check details in your CRM, etc. This helps you gather all the necessary information to qualify the person you're speaking with quickly.

Quickly Perform Surface-Level Discovery

Keep this part fast and brief.

You don’t need to ask them 10 million questions. You’re just trying to figure out who they are, what company they’re with, and the main problem they’re trying to solve.

Greet Them & Perform Surface-Level Discovery

  1. Initial Greeting
    Example:Hey there — how can I help you?”
  2. Humanize The Interaction & Probe for Context
    Example: “Haha yup, I’m a real person! So how’d you find us?”
  3. Introduce Yourself & Get Their Name
    Example: “By the way, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY], what’s your name?”
  4. Playfully Probe for Context & Problems
    Example: “So, I imagine viewing the pricing for random tech tools isn’t your idea of a wild Friday night haha. What  got you interested in [COMPANY] in the first place?”
    Example: “Ah, so you’re looking for a way to better engage visitors. Hm. What’s not working with your current chatbot?”

Share Your Screen & Give a Demo

After performing brief discovery — now it’s time to get right into the demo. Based on what they said during the discovery, jump straight into the features they’re interested in. Don’t force them to learn about stuff they don’t care about.

Just click “Share” and pick whatever tab/window you’d like to show.

🔍Uncover Hidden Objections

Prospects love to lie. Even more so than salespeople (it’s a joke, settle down).

That’s why you shouldn’t listen to WHAT they say — but rather HOW they say it.

At the end of the demo, instead of asking what they think, use this script:

1. Use exaggerated and hyperbolic language
Rep: “So, do you LOVE it? Is it everything you were hoping for and more?”

2. Listen to their tone (not their response)
Prospect: “Yeaahh. Uhhh, I would say I like it.”

3. Identify the emotion behind their tone and label it
Rep: “Hm, are you sure? It sounds like you’re a little bit hesitant?”
Prospect: “Well…. I like the overall product, but I’m not sure if it fits well into our current process”

4. Mirror back their concern and let them expand
Rep: “Fit into your current process?”
Prospect: "Yeah, we use Slack for most of our communications and project management."

5. Overcome their real objections (without being pushy)
Rep: “Oops, I must’ve forgot to show you. Our product actually integrates directly into your Slack. Want me to show you how it works?”
Prospect: “Oh, sure — that’d be great!”

Quickly Close Them (without being pushy)

The last thing you want to do is pressure them into making a decision. That’ll force their guard up and make them second guess themselves.

It’s counterintuitive, but you need to push them AWAY to pull them in.

For example, at the end of the demo, ask them questions like:

  • “You probably have a lot to think about, why don’t you take a few weeks and think it over?”
  • “We’re not the right fit for everyone and I don’t want you to make the wrong decision. How about you take a few weeks to explore different products?”
  • “There’s absolutely no rush here. Why don’t you take a week or two and talk it over with your partner? I know you love our tool, but they might hate it.”

It’s going to feel weird to push them away like this. But you’ll be surprised at how effective this is. Even if they end up taking your advice and delaying the decision, they’ll be much more inclined to go with your tool — simply because you didn’t make them feel icky and pressured.

The Bottom Line

If you’re selling a relatively simple, transactional tool — you don’t need 37 different calls just to close a prospect. All you need is a low-pressure conversation that’ll let them immediately see the value in what you have to offer. Keep it simple. Keep it fast. Keep it casual.