18 Best Shopping Bots/Chatbots for Ecommerce

These are the best shopping bots for ecommerce websites. We’ll explain what shopping bots are and why they’re important.

Daniel Ternyak
February 10, 2023

18 Best Chatbots for Ecommerce

eCommerce is one of the most important sectors of the economy.

Every single day, millions of people head online to search for the things they truly want. Buyers can use them to find deals. If you are a retailer, you must be right there with them.

That's where a well designed website comes in handy. A good website has certain features. It should be easy to use.

That means easy to browse and purchase items. It also means having updated technology that serves the needs of your clients the second they see it.

One of the most important developments in eCommerce in recent years has been the rise of the shopping bot, which is a chatbot for ecommerce websites. Using a shopping bot is easy and fun.

Providing a shopping bot for your clients makes it easier than ever for them to use your site successfully. A good shopping bot is all about the user. These choices will make it possible to increase both your revenues and your overall client satisfaction.

What Is A Shopping Bot?

A shopping bot is a self-service system. It is automated. The purpose of the shopping bot is to scan all of the world's website pages after someone said they are looking for something.

After the bot discovers the the best deal on the item, the bot immediately alerts the shopper. Advanced shopping bots can even programmed to purchase an item the person wants shortly after it is released. Shopping bots work so well many people have come to rely on them when shopping for most major purchases.

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Why Are Shopping Bots Important?

Shopping bots are important because they provide a smooth customer service experience. A shopping bot allows users to select what they want precisely when they want it. Shopping bots are also important because they use high level technology to make people happier and more satisfied with the items they buy.

Benefits Of Shopping Bots

There are many benefits to using shopping bots.

Shopping bots allow people to find the items they really want far more quickly. The bot can sift through a lot of possibilities and allow your clients to find the ideal product every single time.

Shopping bots also reduce the amount of time your users spend on checking out items. They streamline what might otherwise be a cumbersome process. That means less frustration and a faster buying process.

In short, shopping bots ultimately reduce the amount of time involved in a purchase and make it far easier for everyone including the buyer and the seller.

Shopping Bots: 18 Best Bots for eCommerce



SuperTravel is all about pleasing people who adore traveling. It's one of the best shopping bot options out there. Customers can use this one to up as much as 50% off different types of hotel and travel deals.

This one also makes it easy to work with well known companies such as Sabre, Amadeus, Booking.com, Hotels.com. People get a personalized experience that is also reliable and relatable. That is why this is one of most used shopping bots on the market today.

Operator by Intercom


Operator is noteworthy for being the very first shopping bot that was built by Intercom for customers in other parts of the world who are looking for things to buy from American based companies.

The app lets a user to browse product lists. Users can use it in order to make a purchase and feel they have done so correctly without feeling confused as they go through a site.

One of the best aspects of this shopping bot is that it is easy to find help. Shoppers who are confused about some aspect of the item they are buying will discover lots of assistance is available. That makes this shopping bot one to add to your arsenal if you do a lot of business overseas.

The shopping bot will make it possible for you to expand into new markets in many other parts of the globe. That's great for companies that make a priority of the world of global eCommerce now or want to do so in the future.



Ada is an impressive name in the world of shopping bots. There are a lot of reasons why so many companies and shoppers enjoy this bot.

For one thing, the shopping bot is all about the client from beginning to end. Users get automated chat and access to live help at the same time. At the same time Ada has a highly impressive track record when it comes to helping human clients. 8 in 10 consumer issues are resolved without the need to speak with a human being.

Another reason why so many like Ada is because the design of the app makes it very easy to integrate this one with other types of apps. It's easy to use with lots of types of CRM systems. That allows the app to provide lots of personalized shopping possibilities based on the user's prior history.

This app also allows the users to make great use of social media. Many people make use of social media when it comes to shopping. They look to sites like Facebook to purchase items. This site lets the eCommerce site owner meet their clients where they are right now.


Shopping is a good way to get what you want in life. But people can feel a sense of frustration. That's because sometimes they see something they've bought and then they see the exact same product at another place for a lower price.

Birdie is a much used app. That's because it cuts down on a shopper's sense of regret. The client is given lots of detailed detailed product reviews that make it clear what is good about the product and what might be a drawback. They have a ranking system that provides lots of rankings online for their retailers.

A client is given a personalized profile from the shopping bot. This means that the  the bot can find lots of good ways to suggest different types of products.

It also means that the client gets to learn about varied types of brands. These are brands that have been selected in order to fit the user. The net result is a shopping app that is all about the user and all about helping them find a brand and product that works well for them.

Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger

Connecting to enterprises is often quite complex. AI experts have created Yellow Messenger in order to help make this process a lot easier.

They had a look at the  Yellow Pages and used it as a model for this shopping bot. Yellow Messenger is all about the ability to hand users lots easy access to many types of product listings. People can pick out items like hotels and plane tickets as well as items like appliances.

Yellow Messenger is also ideal because it helps employee productivity. This means that employees don't have to spend a lot of time on boring things.

They can turn to this one for help. It has lots of features that make it a winner. It also has ways to engage in a customization process that makes it an outstanding choice. That's why so many have chosen to work with one for their eCommerce platform.


Selekt.in is a highly advanced shopping bots. This one makes use of a self-service support system. The system comes from studies that use the algorithm of many types of retailers.

It offers solutions about how to improve the work they do each time. this is one shopping bot that works with many different types of industries.

Users can work with it to find lots of details in a great many types of categories.

People who are looking for deals can set it to work with more than one economic sector. This streamlines the process of working across industries for those eCommerce sellers who sell across more than sector of the economy.


Readow is perfect for the avid reader. This is an AI-driven recommendation engine that has been programmed by people who love to read and want to share that love with others.

It has a look at what the person has read in the past. That gives it enough information to move forward with potential book recommendations in lots of different types of genres.

It allows all users choices about what to read based on their selection of a handful of relevant titles. The bot has a look at over a million titles to come up with their recommendations.


Letsclap is all about the use of voice and conversation. This app aims to provide lots of varied kinds of solutions in order to allow both merchants and customers to enjoy the buying and selling process and make it more efficient.

This app also offers lots of features that many people really like. You can count on it for mobile messaging. You can also use it for voice assistance for business.

It has chatbots that are ready to help your clients with their shopping needs 24/7. That makes it a popular choice in shopping bots for the modern shopper and retailer.


Picking out gifts for that special someone can be hard. It's not always easy to know what the woman in your life really wants. This is where 5Gifts4Her comes in. This shopping bot is all about finding gifts that the woman you love will love getting.

The shopping bot does this in part by examining lots of catalogues. These are aimed at women and offer superior gift options. The shopping bot scours the offerings and sees what your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother or daughter might like.

This is a bot that also works closely with Facebook messenger. Users who know a lot about this form of Messenger will find this one a valuable ally. That takes the guesswork out of shopping for women. You can find dozens of options every time you look. The shopping bot narrows down these choices for you at every turn.


Manually checking out things can be such a pain. You don't have to worry about that process when you choose to work with this shopping bot. Keep in mind that Dashe’s shopping bot does require a subscription to use. Many people find it the fees work it for the bot's ability to spot the best deals.

Dashe makes use of auto-checkout tools thar mean that user can have an easy checkout process. This one offers user friendly self-service software. It looks at the entire net. All you need is the $5 a month fee and you'll be rewarded with lots of impressive deals.


Masha.ai has many advantages that make it a true favorite. People like that fact the basic app is free. They also like the fact that the app is very easy to follow.

That makes this one shopping bot with a large following. The eCommerce platform is one that customers put install directly on their own messenger app. Retailers can also use it on their brands website. It has many perks.

Customers are able connect to more than 2,000  brands as well as many local shops. Customers can also use this one in order to brown over 40 categories. It has more 8,600,000 products and, even better, more than 40,000 exclusive deals that are only on this site.


ChatShopper is about the ability to provide a really personalized experience to a shopper. It's also about the use of a charming experience that really brings retail shopping online to life.  This one is focused on a 24/7 personal shopping bot that has been dubbed Emma.

Emma has much in common with her counterparts like Siri. She is there to will help you find different kinds of products on outlets such as Android, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant. Emma is a shopping bot with a sense of fun and a really good sense of personal style.

People who use this one can expect to have a great many options from different categories. You can explore items like clothing and accessories all with the shopping bot's help.

Using it is simple. All you need to do is type of the item that you have in mind. Then the app will fetch varied possibilities for you.

Retailers like it because it is so user friendly and easy to understand. Users appreciate how the shopping app considers their exact needs and helps them explore different outlets.

Kik Bot Shop

Kik Bot Shop is one of those shopping bots that people really enjoy interacting with at every turn. That's because the Kik Bot Shop app has been designed to make shopping even more fun. This one also allows users to sample a lot of varied types of eCommerce shops at the same time.

Many business owners love this one because it allows them to interact with the user in a way that lets them show off their own personality. This is about having a chance to make a really good first impression on the user right from the start.


If you look around and like what you see when you see celebrities, you've come to the right place. This is where you can learn exactly how to emulate their looks in your own life.  

CelebStyle knows where the celebrities shop. but that's not all it does. It also knows how to put the look together. This is a shopping bot that is like having your very own stylist.

You fill out some very basic data. They'll set up, see what kind of style is going to work with the look you want and do the rest of the shopping for you.  

Shopify Messenger

Shopify is a large platform. Sellers use it in order to promote the items they want to sell to the public. Buyers like this one because it typically offers goods they can't find in other places.

This means that both buyers and sellers can turn to Shopify in order to connect. While the platform allows lots of people to create a shop, it can be daunting and confusing to navigate. That's why this shopping bot is so useful. It takes the guesswork out of using the platform for both the buyer and the seller.

This is a great sales channel. It's one that is totally focused on the use of Facebook Messenger. That means that the customer does not have to get to know a new platform in order to interact with this one. The customers can walk through an entire product line. They can also get lots of varied types of product recommendations.

Another feature that buyers like is just how easy it to pay pay for items because the bots do it for them. Users can also use this one in order to get updates on their orders as well as shipping confirmations.


Women who love shopping for great clothing and great clothing deals will love this one. This is all about discovering high-quality clothes and lots of fabulous accessories. That makes this one a must for the savvy shopper. This shopping bot has a simple design that is easy to understand and use a lot.

There are lots of different uses for it. For example, it can easily questions that uses really want to know. That includes lots of details about availability as well as questions pertaining to shipping, and varied types of sizing options without complicated and hard to understand explanations.


Magic really is magic. That's because Magic gives users incredible, supernatural self-service applications. This is where you can head when you want to have AI-solutions and help from human experts when you need anything related to shopping done and done well.

Use it to place an order for your next dinner party. Work with it to find the lowest price on a beach stay this spring. This is one app that is all about your shopping needs. It's going to show you things online that you can't find on your own.  

Botler Chat

Botler Chat is a self-service option that lots of independent sellers can use to help them reach out to customers and continue to grow their business once it starts. When the user chats with the shopping bot they get both user solutions and lots of detailed strategies that can help them learn how to sell items.

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