#1 Ecommerce Chatbot - AI Chatbot For Ecommerce

This is the only ecommerce chatbot guide you’ll need to understand what they are and how they work.

Daniel Ternyak
February 6, 2023

All savvy business owners know keeping on top of the latest trends is hugely important. As an eCommerce business owner, you know your website should be designed to convert the most amount of prospects into leads. You have to be there to meet them.

This is why the use of modern technological innovation like ecommerce chatbbots plays such an important role when running your business well.

Contemporary clients expect that you're going to be there for them when they need or want something. They expect that your site can answer questions, take orders and help with any problems they might have 24/7.

On the surface this can seem a nearly impossible task. Fortunately there is a solution that works really well.

That solution is an ecommerce AI chatbot. They'll help you increase your website's conversion rate, build trust with prospects, and help interested buyers browse around your site.

What Are Ecommerce Chatbots?

Ecommerce chatbots are fundamentally computer programs. These have been designed by experts to create realistic interactions with your site's users in real time.

You can employ an AI chatbot to offer your clients instant customer service, answer many of their most important questions, recommend products they might like, gather feedback from your clients on the kind of items they like, and ultimately track your engagement with your clients.

You'll find three different types of chatbots.

The AI driven chatbots are the most advanced types of bots. They make use of a technique known as natural language processing. This is a process that allows them to provide realistic language use to your clients. The AI chatbot also has the capacity to learn about your business over time and respond to individual queries.

Another kind of AI chatbot is known as a rules based chatbot. A rules based chatbot simply responds to certain questions with preprogrammed answers. This is a simple, easy chatbot. However, it lacks sophistication and can't handle more complicated requests.

The hybrid chatbot is a combination of of the rules based chatbot and the AI chatbot. This can be a good option that allows you to handle both simple requests and makes it easy to respond to more complex issues at same time.

How Do Ecommerce Chatbots Work?

eCommerce chatbots work by responding to your client's questions. They have been created by experts in the field of computer programming who know how to create systems designed to mimic human interactions.

You can have a chatbot that is designed specifically for your own site. The chatbot will be set up with your needs in mind. Experts look at your business and help you program the AI so that it will respond to the kind of concerns your clients have on a daily basis.

When a client logs on to your site, the AI chatbot is ready and waiting for them. The chatbot can find out if the client has visited your site in the past. If so, they can provide a response that works with the customer's prior queries.

If the client is new to your site, the chatbot can help them navigate your site, respond to their questions and offer all sorts of suggestions about the kind of products the client might like to purchase. They can also help the client explore the entire site and figure out what they're looking for even if the client isn't sure.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Chatbots

As so many eCommerce site owners have discovered, AI chatbots are a wonderful new addition to their arsenal of customer engagement tools. These are options that allow users to interact with the site in a highly beneficial way.

Chatbots reduce your need to have employees. If you have an eCommerce site, you know it can be hard to find the right kind of help. The chatbot does a lot of this work for you.

Chatbots are also reliable and dependable. They're onsite to answer questions every single day of the year.

This means your store can take orders at any time of the day as well as holidays and weekends.

These tools also walk your clients through the process of buying items, putting them in their cart and making sure the details are correct before the item is shipped. A chatbot can also provide your clients with suggestions about the kind of products they might like to purchase as well as additional purchases.

For example, if a client is buying a cashmere sweater from your site, the chatbot will suggest accessories that match the sweater and create an entire look.  

A chatbot can also offer discounts and coupons. If a client is browsing one of your most important pages, the bot can immediately offer them a 10% off coupon on an item they like. That will help you add additional sales and increase your overall revenues.

Chatbots can also provide lots of post sales support. They can answer questions about any shipping delays and pinpoint a problem with the items the customer has ordered.

That makes any transaction smoother. It also helps clients feel that you care about their needs and you're there to meet them.

Above all, an AI chatbot can provide a wealth of data with each transaction. This means  you know what is selling, how long someone spent on your site and any issues they might have had with the entire selling process.

That can help you figure out what works well. It can also help any site owner figure out what isn't working and come up with solutions to fix the problem.

How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Chatbot

Picking out an eCommerce chatbot for your business can be tricky. Before you do anything else, there are certain things you'll want to keep in mind.

One of the most important is what kind of service you need from a chatbot. You might only need it to answer a few basic questions about the products and services you offer.

If you have a large site, you'll want a chatbot that can do lots of complicated actions.

You'll need one that can respond to customer queries instantly and help your clients resolve any outstanding issues quickly.

It's also useful to consider what type of chatbot you want. You can opt for a chatbot designed for the general user. You can also opt for a chatbot designed for your specific industry. For example, if you sell medical supplies, an AI chatbot designed for the needs of medical professionals is ideal.

Keep in mind some chatbots have a free initial trial. This is a good way to figure out if the chatbot is right for you. If that particular option isn't working, you can always go for another chatbot instead.

10 Best Ecommerce Chatbots



Giosg is a highly recommended AI chatbot. Many users appreciate the basic features that it offers. That's because these are easy to understand and follow. More advanced features are also available.

These are also easy to understand implement in your eCommerce business. Templates mean you don't have to understand any coding in order to make this one work.

Users also get access to live chat as needed to answer customer queries. This one also offers easy integration with other platforms. That means you don't have to worry about using it across multiple platforms.

Pricing is determined by varied factors including your specific needs. They have premium customer service options as well as lots of add on features.

This is a good option if you know what you want and why you want it. You'll find a wide array of features that make it easy to craft the exact kind of chatbot your business really needs.



Botsify is a highly sophisticated eCommerce chatbot with many types of varied features. You'll get natural-language processing that makes your voice known to your clients. That kind of assistance means your clients have a reliable source of information they can trust that feels as if they are talking to a real person.

This one also includes lots of other additional features that make it a real winner. The use of voice functions allows the customer to interact in a realistic and lively way with your site.

It also makes payments easier with the use of Stripe. You also get access to highly analytics. That means you can figure out what's going on with your business transactions with every single sale.

Data like this can point out items are most popular as well as what items aren't selling as well. That can increase your profits and decrease the time spent on items that don't sell as well.

Many users also like the fact that this one is really easy to integrate with other kinds of platforms. You can use it to interact with Slack, Alexa and Facebook. That makes it easy to meet your clients via varied forms of social media.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is one of the most widely used chatbots out there. That's because it has a lot of user friendly options that make it easy to connect with your site. It's also because this site is simple and reliable.

You also get natural language processing along with customer segmentation that allows you to offer highly specific customer service based on each user and lots of ready-to-use dialogue templates that can bring this one to the next level and beyond.

Keep in mind this one only works with Facebook. You'll also want to remember that you don't get an internal payment system or any kind of voice assistant use. It's about making use of the basics. That makes a good way to wet your feet. You'll find out exactly what an AI chatbot can do for your business.


DialogFlow is a Google based product. It incorporates the use of natural language processing as well as flexible and easily updated machine-learning technology. It works on Google's Cloud Platform.

That makes it easy to serve the needs of millions of users across the globe. It also makes it easy to use this one on varied types of social media platforms such as Facebook.

It's good with mobile applications as well as laptop use. There is a free trial. However, it can also be hard to set up initially. You might have to devote some time to making it work with eCommerce site's needs.



BotCore is what is known as a Microsoft Preferred Conversational AI solution. This one is designed to use many types of technologies from Microsoft such as machine learning.

One of the best parts about this AI chatbot is that you don't have to know coding to make it work. It also offers lots of integration with other platforms including many varied ways to pay for the items your shoppers buy. This is also secure and works with many languages. That makes it a good choice for those who do a lot of work with global clients.

You will need the Microsoft Bot Framework to get it work for you. You'll also want to keep in mind that it can be hard to find the pricing option you want from their online menu. You might need to speak with customer support and make sure you have the right one.


amelia chatbot

Amelia is a highly advanced program intended to create what is known as a digital employee. This is a very realistic chatbot where the emphasis is on mimicking real life speech. Many users find it really is just like an actual person.

The major advantage of this type of AI chatbot is just how much it can sound like a live person.

That's a wonderful chance for you to have an option that seems like someone is always at your site all the time. This is a good option if you need a sophisticated program that can communicate lots of information to your clients.


Chatfuel is a great option for those who work with Facebook a lot. This one has been designed to allow users to create Facebook Messenger chatbots of their own.

You get a  payment system that allows you to use Stripe to accept international payments. eCommerce retailers also get what are known as retargeting options for easier transactions. The AI chatbot also has CRM as well as an easy email integration.

This one has lots of useful analytics that let you measure exactly what's going on with your site with every single interaction. Real world data can translate into real world results you can really use.

Chatfuel allows you to collect lots of useful user information via Facebook. You can use this in order to create your own individual chatbot. This is a great option for those who rely on Facebook for much of their business.

Octane AI

Octan AI

Octane is about working with those who rely on the use of Shopify for much of their eCommerce business. That means it has a lot of site specific features. It also means this one isn't good for any other kind of eCommerce platform.

Shopify sellers get lots of highly detailed preconfigured templates. Sellers also get the chance to include useful items like images as well as audio and video that can be incorporated within any conversation.

This one also allows you to collect email addresses and make use of shopping carts. You'll also get stock alerts and the ability to provide product reviews with all of your products.

Flow XO

Flow XO

Flow XO is liked by many users because the company can provide an eCommerce company with a multi-channel conversational ai chatbot solution. This is one that can easily used with varied types of social media.

You'll find it possible to use with it everything from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp and SMS. You can also use it on Slack, as well as your own eCommerce website.

It's easy to set up. You also get access to live chat as needed at any time. It's great for those who have lots of international clients as it works with many languages. Keep in mind it can be expensive and it's not always to understand exactly what is happening.


Pandorabots is an open source platform that anyone can use at any time. This one is ideal for those who have a lot of experience with the world of coding and want to use that to their advantage. It's free and it can be customized to your exact needs.

This one, however, is not for those who have not worked with programming before. If you want something that is sophisticated and allows you to play around with the world of AI chatbots, this is an ideal solution. You can also hire someone to create this bot for you at a low fee.