Use Canned Responses to Grab Visitors’ Attention & Answer FAQs Quickly

Use ServiceBell canned responses to quickly send pre-saved messages to website visitors.

Daniel Ternyak
November 20, 2023

What is a Canned Response?

It’s a pre-saved chat message you can quickly send visitors, to:

  • Grab their attention
  • Answer common questions
  • …or pretty much anything you want

How to Create & Send Canned Responses

Canned Response Examples

  • Welcome Messages
    “Hey there! Let me know if you have any questions (this is a real person btw)”
    → “Welcome! I’m [NAME]. I’ll be online for a few hours. Ping me with any questions you have.”
  • Attention Grabbers
    → “Hey — could I ask you a question? (human btw)”
    → “Not ChatGPT - real human here haha. Mind if I ask you something?”
  • Common FAQs
    “Yup! Live video calling is included in ServiceBell’s free tier.
    → “ServiceBell might be able to help your e-commerce site. Could you link me it?”
    <First Name> *real person, here live, lol  - happy to show you how <Company/Product> works; any questions on the platform?  :-)
    <First Name>  *real person, here live, lol  - Click the “Call” Button to video call me live & see how <Company/Product> works!  :-)

Summary? I Guess?

Do people even read summaries? Does this really need one? 😭