7 Sales Enablement Apps to Help Your Team Excel

Sales enablement apps help your sales reps engage and help customers with relevant information so your team can feel confident and close more deals.

Daniel Ternyak
January 29, 2023

Even the best salespeople can’t close if they don’t have the right support behind them. That’s where sales enablement apps step in. With these powerful tools, your sales reps don’t have to search for the right piece of content or work out which opportunity to pursue first — it’s all sorted for them.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what sales enablement apps are and how they can help sales reps. Then, we’ll take a look at some of the leading sales enablement tools and how they can make a difference in your business. 

What Is a Sales Enablement App? 

A sales enablement tool is simply any tool, app, software, or platform that helps your salespeople excel throughout the sales process. Think of these as a supportive suite of tools that give your reps the most relevant content, coaching, and insights to help them close deals from new leads and existing customers. 

A huge range of tools can be considered sales enablement apps. These tools focus on support rather than one specific functionality, so many types of software fall under this category. 

Some of the most popular functions of sales enablement tools include: 

  • Content management and analytics — to help sales reps find and send relevant files and materials to leads and clients
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer engagement — to increase and improve interactions with customers
  • Customer success and feedback
  • Market automation
  • Market intelligence — to help inform sales reps on which leads to pursue
  • Sales coaching and training
  • Sales management
  • Team communication — to support sales teams to work more effectively together

This isn’t an exhaustive list — any tool or platform that helps your sales reps close deals more effectively can be considered a sales enablement app. 

Such tools are all about giving your team the resources and support to optimize their workflow, feel more confident in their role, and act with the most relevant information. 

7 Powerful Sales Enablement Apps

sales enablement app: Smiling man using his computer while on a call

Sales enablement software can help your sales reps close deals more efficiently and effectively. We’ve taken a look at some of the best sales enablement tools — here are a few to consider. 

1. Brainshark

Brainshark is a data-driven sales platform that focuses on empowering client-facing teams so they can work at their best. The platform mixes sales training and content management, giving teams easy ways to identify performance issues, train and upskill staff, and create and deploy content assets throughout the sales pipeline. 


Easy-to-use interface

Intuitive navigation and progress system

Ability to add question elements throughout the training program (many competitors don’t offer this)


Lacks integration with popular CRMs and HR systems

Users can’t always skip ahead if they already know the content

Lacks notifications for new training programs

2. Chorus

Chorus is a conversion intelligence platform that helps sales teams work more efficiently and capture the most valuable data and insights from their calls. This useful tool uses automation to record phone and video calls, then transcribes them in real time. It’s backed up by AI power that helps to deliver data and insights. With Chorus, salespeople can identify the next steps, build customer relationships, and identify deal risks. 


Accurate transcripts help sales reps follow up more effectively and assist with training

Ability to send clips from calls for review, instead of the full call — saving time

Searchable transcripts make it easy to find information quickly 


Software can mistakenly merge multiple calls which are then hard to separate

Can be tricky to edit smaller clips together to create an overview from complex calls

Lack of onboarding for more complex analytics features within the software

3. Covideo

Covideo is a video creation platform that lets sales reps and marketers record, clip, and send personalized videos over email. These video emails are a great way to increase response rates and engagement. They’re also a creative way to handle outreach. Covideo is useful if sales and marketing teams need to explain an in-depth topic without being too wordy or want to personalize and send a thank-you video. 


Affordable pricing for smaller teams

Simple and user friendly interface — great for beginners

Can film and send on the go — no need to be at a desktop or laptop


Video isn’t embedded directly into the email, so not everyone will click to open it

Lack of customization when it comes to email templates

No ability to see which of your contacts has viewed a video

4. DocSend

DocSend is a secure document-sharing platform that helps teams share sales content with leads and clients. It’s also useful for e-signatures and can become a place where salespeople can document the sales cycle from start to end. Salespeople can access analytics that tell them who’s viewed the marketing materials, where a playbook has been shared, or how popular their sales presentations are. 


Approachable dashboard that presents data and metrics in a useful way

Discover who opened and spent time on the different slide decks, presentations, and other content reps have sent, helping to tailor future engagements 

Ability for clients to see their journey with a sales rep from first proposal to contracts


Can be a steep learning curve to introduce new users to how it works 

Lack of customization for the e-signature features — no custom fields

Clients can run into timeout issues when trying to download files

5. Highspot

Highspot claims to be the world’s #1 sales enablement platform. It’s a suite of tools that helps with multiple areas of sales enablement, including content management, onboarding, training, coaching, and customer engagement. The platform features AI elements that help direct sales reps to the most relevant content for any lead or customer. It’s designed to help teams improve their performance using actionable insights. 


Makes it easier to build a content library clients want to see by sharing information on what’s popular and what isn’t 

Excellent way to streamline asset management and save time searching through emails or shared drives for the right content

Offers the ability to track pitches and content sent, so reps can see who has engaged with it and in what way


Search function can sometimes locate less related content

Lacks ability to dive into detailed analytics from within an asset page

Can take some time to get used to how the system works

6. LevelEleven

LevelEleven is a leading performance management system designed to help sales organizations get better results. The platform offers teams the ability to coach, engage, and encourage others to focus on achieving better results throughout the sales process. It uses gamification to motivate salespeople, with sales performance scorecards and leaderboards that help team leaders track progress. A built-in coaching system lets sales leaders deliver feedback in one place, making it easier to shape your company culture around performance. 


Integrates seamlessly with other leading sales tools, including Salesforce

Features fun ways to motivate your team — like custom screen splashes and personalized sound alerts on sales made 

Real-time reporting means you can celebrate closing deals as they happen


Can be complicated for new users to learn, even with the training materials provided

Easier to set up with less complex organizations — more bespoke sales teams may take longer to get it working as they wish

Lack of customization and color options 

7. ServiceBell

sales enablement app: Smiling man wearing headphones on and doing hand gestures in front of his computer

ServiceBell is a live video chat tool that recreates an in-person sales or customer service experience online. This easy-to-use sales enablement app allows you to engage with website visitors and customers before and after they buy — without leaving your website. ServiceBell gives your salespeople a more interactive and immersive way to acquire, engage, and retain customers at all stages of the sales cycle. 


Easy to add to your website with a five-minute setup

Helps sales reps get closer to clients and build relationships through live video chat on demand

Integrations with popular tools like Intercom and Calendly, helping reps create a better customer experience 


Requires you to have a big enough team to manage demand

You’ll need to add a few lines of code to your website so may need some technical knowledge, although an easy guide is provided

Call notifications aren’t compatible with Safari and iOs Safari, so make sure you use a compatible web browser for the best experience

Find the Best Sales Enablement App For You

Finding the right sales enablement solution takes a few steps. You need to figure out which features matter most to you, then build a shortlist based on your needs and the practical elements — like pricing, ease of use, and how it integrates with your other tools. With this list, you’ll be on your way to creating a list of tools to try out. 

If you’re ready to invest in a sales engagement platform that supports your customer experience and success goals, try ServiceBell. It’s easy to install, and with our free plan, you can see how your audience responds before jumping in with a bigger investment.