15 Intercom Apps To Help Your Team Work Effectively

These 15 Intercom apps and integrations help you simplify bookings, help your users see your service status, and help you talk to prospects through live, web-integrated video chats.

Daniel Ternyak
January 29, 2023

Here are the best Intercom apps and integrations that'll speed up your customer engagement.

People don’t want to make their way through complex workflows — instead, they crave a streamlined experience that gives them an answer to their question fast.

Intercom helps make it easier to communicate with your customers and website visitors by giving them easy access to self-service tools or a direct line to your support team. 

This customer-facing conversation tool is even better because of the wide range of available Intercom apps and integrations. These apps give you fresh new ways to make the most of your data and create a better experience for both your team and your customers. 

Here are some of the best Intercom apps around today, plus some insights into how they can make things easier for your sales or support team. 

What Is Intercom?

Intercom is a leading conversational relationship management tool. It makes it easy for you to stay in touch with prospects and customers and perform key functions like customer support and sales from one platform. 

At the face of Intercom is a customer-facing business messenger, with features like chatbots, product tours, and self-service tools. Customers can engage in Intercom conversations with your team, and this valuable data can help inform future actions. 

This customer-facing interface then links to a suite of backend tools designed to help your sales and support teams manage customer data, automate workflows, and do their job more effectively and efficiently. 

Beyond Intercom’s main functionality, it also supports a huge range of apps and integrations. Currently there are 250+ Intercom apps that extend its usefulness and make it easier to simplify workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce the amount of manual switching between marketing tools and apps. These improvements not only make it easier for your team to work productively but can help increase customer satisfaction too by making it easier to get the help they need. 

15 of the Best Intercom Apps & Integrations in 2021

To help you find the right solution for your needs, here are some of the best Intercom apps that integrate with Intercom in the app store. There’s something for everyone — from apps that connect Intercom to your calendar for easy bookings to ones that help your users see your service status at a glance.

Almost all of these Intercom apps serve a common purpose — to make it easier to share data, remove duplication, and simplify your support or sales team’s processes. If you already use one of these tools, adding the integration makes perfect sense. If you don’t, these extra functions might persuade you to try it out. 

Some of these were built by Intercom, while others were developed by the other tool provider. Many offer a free trial so you can see whether you like both tools together. For others, you may need to sign up to a paid plan before you can unlock the benefits of the app. 

1. Salesforce

Intercom apps: Salesforce

Image credit: Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular sales CRM tools. It’s great for businesses that need one place to store, interrogate, and use their data from. Salesforce’s Intercom app extends this by making it easier to use data across both tools while streamlining workflows. 

What you can do with this app:

  • Create new leads in Salesforce when they arrive via Intercom
  • Sync data between the two tools to avoid duplication or error
  • Use your Salesforce data to send targeted campaigns within Intercom
  • Route your Intercom conversations with customers to the right person, using Salesforce data
  • See lead status, account contact details, opportunities, and more inside your Intercom inbox.

2. Google Calendar

Intercom apps: Google Calendar

Image credit: Google

Google Workspace remains one of the most-used software suites for future-thinking businesses, thanks to its easy integration across tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. We’re focusing on Google Calendar, and this clever Intercom app that links the two together. 

With this app you can: 

  • Sync your Google calendar so customers can book an appointment through Intercom’s messenger
  • Automatically add meetings booked within Intercom conversations to your Google Calendar
  • Create a simple, branded Google Calendar link that can quickly and easily be shared anywhere within Intercom

3. Zendesk Support

Intercom apps: Zendesk Support

Image credit: Zendesk

If you’re running a customer support team, a tool like Zendesk Support is a must-have. It gives your support team a central place to manage tickets, update your self-serve options, and provide customer support. With this Zendesk integration, you can bring some of that usability straight into the business messenger. 

This app includes features that let you: 

  • Transform Intercom conversations into support tickets within Zendesk
  • Create internal notes within Intercom that’ll show up to your team members working in Zendesk
  • View current and previous tickets, plus other useful details, from Zendesk within your Intercom workspace when you’re talking to customers

4. Stripe

Intercom apps: Stripe

Image credit: Stripe

Stripe is a great option if you’re looking for an easier way to get paid or manage payments — especially if you’re running a SaaS company or have a subscription offer or membership. Stripe’s Intercom app makes it easier to create and manage your customers’ subscriptions through conversations. 

With this app you can: 

  • See your customers’ details — like their payment plans or account balance — alongside your conversation with them in Intercom
  • Manage subscriptions from directly within the business messenger without taking the customer outside to another landing page
  • Use clever targeting options like account balance or subscription status to send segmented campaigns out via Intercom

5. Twitter

Intercom apps: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

Twitter still reigns as one of the most popular social networks around, especially for customer support and service. It’s easy to create an account and send a direct message (DM) to a brand on Twitter asking for advice or support, which means it’s essential to easily monitor and respond to these messages. Twitter’s Intercom app makes this simple by removing barriers between one messaging tool and the other. 

What this app can do: 

  • Route Twitter DMs straight to your Intercom inbox, so your team can respond from one place
  • Use thoughtful signals to automatically direct incoming DMs to the right team member
  • Automatically add anyone that DMs you on Twitter as a customer within Intercom

6. Statuspage

Intercom apps: Statuspage

Image credit: Statuspage

With SaaS companies and online websites running on so many different tools, plugins, and integrations these days, sometimes these fail leading to a disruption in service. Statuspage helps you communicate this to your customers. Their Intercom app saves your customers from checking up on your service status manually with some clever features. 

This app can: 

  • Display your system status to customers immediately and in real-time as soon as they interact with your business messenger
  • Show the same information to your support team, so they can better field questions from your customers during downtimes
  • Make it easy for customers to subscribe to status updates from within Intercom’s business messenger

7. Outlook Calendar

Intercom apps: Outlook Calendar

Image credit: Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is still one of the big email tools, thanks to its legacy and integration with other apps like Teams and Office — with its Calendar app being a key part of any sales team. The Outlook Calendar Intercom app is similar to the Google Calendar one but means you can work with your data across both tools no matter which ecosystem you’re locked into.

With this app, you can: 

  • Make it easy for customers and prospects to book a meeting with your sales or support team without leaving the conversation
  • Automate your sales meeting process to send prospects calendar links based on your targeting

8. Droplr

Intercom apps: Droplr

Image credit: Droplr

We take screenshots often without realizing there’s an easier way to save and share those. Enter Droplr — a tool that sends your images to the cloud so you can share them with your team, prospects, or customers faster. Droplr’s Intercom app brings this functionality straight to your business messenger.

Here’s what the app can do: 

  • Allow you to drag and drop any image from Droplr into an Intercom conversation
  • Create an easy way to share screenshots and key product information with customers
  • Liven up conversations and show personality by dropping GIFs into conversations

9. NativeForms

Intercom apps: NativeForms

Image credit: NativeForms

NativeForms makes creating custom forms simple. With the Intercom app, you can use this functionality within your business messenger to create a more engaging experience for your users.

What you can do with this app: 

  • Easily build custom forms that display within Intercom’s business messenger interface
  • Automatically create new leads based on a customer’s responses to a form — for example if they complete an expression of interest form
  • Use these forms to customize a customer’s experience and capture NPS data, product ratings, and more

10. Slack


Image credit: Slack

Slack is one of the most popular messaging tools around, and it has a great set-up for integrations with other software tools. Slack’s Intercom app helps you take some of the best bits of Intercom and let your team receive updates and action tasks directly within Slack. 

This app can help you:

  • Receive Slack notifications for activities taken by customers or your team
  • Update the qualification details of leads from within the Slack app
  • Respond directly to Intercom messages via Slack
  • Add teammates to conversations, add notes, and close conversations

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Image credit: Google Analytics

If you want to track what your website visitors are doing when they land on your site, a tool like Google Analytics is a must-have. It can help you understand how effective your landing pages and campaigns are and pinpoint areas to improve on or grow. With the matching Intercom app, you can gain even better insights on exactly how well Intercom is performing for you.

This app includes features that let you: 

  • Track interactions that happen directly within your business messenger
  • See which of your conversation bots bring you the highest conversion rates against your goals 
  • Use this data to help understand what impact your customer interactions within Intercom have on your overall brand awareness and return on investment 

12. Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars

Image credit: Zoom Video Webinars

Zoom Video Webinars takes what makes this hit video calling platform great and transforms it into a useful tool for leading webinars, product launches, and virtual teaching sessions. Zoom Video Webinars’ Intercom app gives you an easier way to let your customers and prospects know about upcoming webinars. 

What this app can do: 

  • Feature links to your Zoom webinars right on the homescreen of your messenger app
  • Easily send links to prospects and customers as you communicate with them via messenger
  • Offer a simplified sign-up process for customers that follow the link through from Intercom

13. Mailchimp


Image credit: Mailchimp

Mailchimp actually has three different apps for Intercom — Mailchimp Import, Mailchimp Sync, and Mailchimp Subscribe. Each with a specific purpose. There’s an app designed to help you grow your subscriber list, import mailchimp users to Intercom, and sync your user and unsubscribe lists. These Mailchimp integrations give you much-needed functionality and help save time spent cross-checking between two popular software tools. 

These apps help you: 

  • Easily feature a subscription form for your mailing list on the messenger homepage, or send as a link within a conversation
  • Allow your team to view information about someone’s subscriber status within Intercom
  • Avoid sending unwanted messages by syncing up your unsubscribe lists across both tools

14. Zapier


Image credit: Zapier

Zapier makes it easier to connect apps to give you greater functionality, share data between apps, or simplify your sales or support team’s workflow and processes. The beauty of Zapier is that you can create your own custom “zaps” too, so you can connect your favorite tools with Intercom even if there’s no official app or integration.

Here are some great uses for the Intercom and Zapier integration: 

  • Add Facebook Ads lead generation leads as leads within Intercom
  • Post a Slack message for a new Intercom lead or conversation
  • Add a new row in Google Sheets for a tagged Intercom user

15. ServiceBell


ServiceBell is an incredibly useful tool that lets you connect with your website visitors in a new way — through live video chats, screen takeovers, and user monitoring designed to build a stronger connection.

Activating ServiceBell’s Intercom app means you can bring this highly personalized, VIP customer experience to the simplicity of your existing Intercom business manager. 

Here’s what you can do with this app: 

  • Invite prospects and customers to a live video call directly within Intercom’s messenger popup
  • Offer video as a way to help solve a customer’s problem when they need it, in just a few clicks 
  • Jump in with in-app troubleshooting and live product demos, thanks to built-in screen sharing

Simplify Your Workflow With These Intercom Apps

Integrations and apps can help you take an already useful tool and supercharge the functionality. With some of these Intercom apps, you can combine your business messenger and valuable customer data with access to your team’s calendars, status updates, social media DMs, and more. 

If you’re looking for a great way to make your customers’ experience with your Intercom messenger even better, try ServiceBell. Our Intercom app means you can combine our impressive on-demand video calls with the tool’s chat interface, making it even easier to guide your prospect or customer towards a video call or live demo with your team.

If you're looking for an alternative to Intercom, read our list of the best Intercom alternatives. There you'll find 15 affordable alternatives to the Intercom chatbot.