Top 12 Customer Engagement Solutions (2024)

The best customer engagement solutions can help win your users' loyalty. Look for one that fits the maturity level of your customer experience strategy.

Daniel Ternyak
February 12, 2023

Less engaged customers are more likely to leave a business. That makes using customer engagement solutions a key way to tackle this problem. Customer engagement solutions are simply the many ways that businesses drive up their customer engagement. 

A customer engagement solution can be anything from a live chat tool that enables you to connect with your customers over your service channel(s) to an enterprise-level software that covers every single touchpoint a user has over their entire sales journey with your business.

More advanced customer engagement solutions include customer analytics to personalized experiences and predictive intelligence.

So, let's see how some of the best customer engagement solutions offer more engaging experiences to your users (and boost your customer loyalty!).

Best Customer Engagement Software

Here are the best customer engagement software solutions that can help you take charge of your customer relationship management and offer more inviting experiences across your customer lifecycle.

  1. ServiceBell
  2. Zendesk
  3. WebEngage
  4. Upshot
  5. Braze
  6. ChurnZero
  7. amoCRM
  8. MoEngage
  9. Salesforce Experience Cloud
  10. Vivocha
  11. Avaya
  12. Pega

1. ServiceBell

customer engagement solution

ServiceBell offers an effective customer engagement solution with a live video chat solution that makes visitors feel cared for and attended to. It lets businesses get on a live video call with their website visitors to talk through issues in real-time. 


  • Co-browsing feature so your representatives and customers can view the same web page together at the same time
  • Real-time alerts when customers land on high-value pages so businesses can be there too, as their personal sales concierge
  • Brings in-person-like experiences to sales and support touchpoints

ServiceBell takes live chats to a whole new level with real-time video communication. For most businesses, a website is the first experience leads have with a business first. 

Online channels often miss out on opportunities to be personal. This helpful live chat adds a level of personalization that'll make your customers feel taken care of.

2. Zendesk


Originally built as a help desk solution, Zendesk has evolved to offer a suite of sales and services solutions that together work as a solid customer engagement solution.

Zendesk shines at offering connected, conversational experiences to users across their buying journey. This helps businesses present seamless sales and service touchpoints.


  • Support for multiple channels like email, chat, SMS, and voice
  • One of the best ticketing systems
  • Fully-featured CRM with automated workflows

While Zendesk's suite of apps is a "workaround" customer engagement platform, it is a solid option. It helps you offer engaging service and sales touches and better manage your customer relationships.

3. WebEngage


WebEngage brings the power of automation to businesses. It offers personalized communications to skyrocket customer engagement.

WebEngage lets users map their customer lifecycle journeys and use their customer data to fuel relevant, seamless communications across different channels like email, WhatsApp, web and mobile browsers, and more.


  • Supports automated lifecycle marketing campaigns that drive customer engagement
  • Supports multiple digital channels like browsers, Facebook, SMS, and more
  • Provides functionality to use customer data for personalizations across different channels

WebEngage truly understands multi-channel engagement and can help you put your marketing and customer engagement ops on autopilot.

4. Upshot


Upshot is a full-blown customer engagement platform that adds gamification to the customer engagement mix.

From generating sales to ensuring user adoption and retention, Upshot offers businesses a host of features that help build and maintain user engagement across the entire user lifecycle.


  • User experience gamification with tools like badges, surveys, mini-games, and leaderboards
  • User analytics, making rewarding loyal and engaged users easy
  • Multi-channel personalized communications at scale via WhatsApp, SMS, push web notifications, and more

Upshot manages to make even your most routine user activities exciting with its gamification capabilities, thereby enabling you to engage your customers. 

5. Braze


Braze brings together personalizations, gamification, and triggered cross-channel communications to help businesses boost their customer engagement.

This customer engagement platform lets users use their customer and behavioral analytics data to deliver just the right communications to their customers over the right channel and at the right moment.


  • Support for multiple channels like email, SMS, apps, etc.
  • Easy data integration/ingestion
  • In-depth reporting and analytics 

Braze is all about leveraging your data to offer meaningful customer service experiences at scale. 

6. ChurnZero


ChurnZero, as the name suggests, helps subscription-based businesses fight churn.

It's a customer success solution that doubles as a customer engagement platform thanks to its automation prowess, support for multi-channel targeted communications, and intelligent customer engagement analytics.


  • Supports automated engagement campaigns
  • In-depth customer analytics for facilitating relevant communications
  • Supports personalizations

ChurnZero is at once both a helpful customer success platform and a customer engagement solution.

7. amoCRM


amoCRM lets businesses engage with their users over instant messengers. While this solution only caters to one use case, it's an important one, given that messengers drive so much commerce.


  • Supports a host of instant messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram.
  • Offers a unified inbox for all messenger communications
  • Comes with a configurable AI sales bot

amoCRM is unlike any other customer engagement platform on this roundup, but your business can benefit from it if you use the instant messaging channel. 

8. MoEngage


MoEngage is a customer engagement solution that lets businesses interact with their customers across their full journey over all the devices and communication channels they use.

From offering a delightful onboarding experience to winning loyalty with personalized experiences, MoEngage helps businesses optimize their customer experiences. 


  • Supports multiple channels like email, SMS, apps, web and mobile browsers, etc.
  • Comes with AI prowess to automatically choose the more effective variations for engagement experiments
  • Offers personalizations across customizable user journeys

MoEngage brings the power of AI, personalizations, and automation to make your end-to-end customer journeys more engaging.

9. Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud brings together many of Salesforce's offerings (like its Experience Builder, CMS, CRM, Mobile Publisher, and more) to help businesses create websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints so they can offer consistent digital experiences to users at scale.


  • Packs a punch with Salesforce's powerful native apps
  • Offers a host of customer service tools
  • Comes with dedicated features for building a partner channel

If you're a Salesforce user, this customer engagement solution can be a natural choice for you.

10. Vivocha


Vivocho, unlike most of the customer engagement solutions on this list, doesn't come with support for multi-channel customer journeys or end-to-end experience management.

Instead, it offers a suite of communication and collaboration tools like live web chats (text and video), co-browsing, mobile app communications, and more, so they can stay proactive and help their users work through their issues in real-time. 


  • Supports targeting users (based on their location, source, and visit history)
  • Offers a means for proactive engagement
  • Comes with a campaign builder to streamline support and deliver personalized experiences over multiple channels

You can use Vivocha to facilitate seamless, proactive communications with your customers and deliver engaging experiences. 

11. Avaya


Avaya uses its contact center that uses AI to match customers with the best-skilled resources/support employees that can help them. It also offers multi-channel communications across the entire customer journey.


  • Comes with an AI-powered contact center for offering seamless service experiences to both customers and agents
  • Offers seamless support across multiple channels and devices
  • Includes tools to improve customer service for powering better customer interactions

Avaya doesn't just help you offer engaging customer service experiences by looping in both your customers and employees. It also makes you better at your customer service.

12. Pega

Pega's Customer Decision Hub brings predictive intelligence to the customer engagement mix, helps businesses anticipate their users' needs, and offer personalized communications in real-time over all channels.


  • Adaptive, real-time personalization capabilities
  • AI for delivering personalized, relevant communications via multiple digital channels like email, SMS, website, and others
  • Rich contextual details for every interaction

With its AI-powered decision-making capabilities, omnichannel engagement features, and adaptive personalizations, Pega is easily one of the most advanced customer engagement solutions.

How to Choose the Best Customer Engagement Solutions

When considering customer engagement solutions, your selection criteria mainly comes down to how mature your customer experience strategy is. 

Since customer service lies at the heart of customer experiences for most businesses, it's key to look for customer engagement solutions that include this. Consider how a customer engagement solution will support your customer service strategy during the pre-sales, sales, and post-sales journey.

For more mature businesses, though, look for features that support personalized omnichannel experiences, lifecycle management, customer analytics, automation, real-time intelligence, and more. 

Before exploring a certain option, evaluate where you think you lack customer engagement. For example, if you lack engagement on your website, a live chat customer engagement tool might be all you need. If you're looking to offer more interactive support experiences, try one that focuses on that.

But if you're looking at significant dropoff at different points across your customer journey, you might want to consider a full-blown customer engagement platform that comes with all the bells and whistles.

Boost your customer engagement with the right tools

Customer engagement solutions: Man using his laptop

When considering customer engagement solutions, it's essential to evaluate how these tools align with your customer experience strategy. For businesses focused on enhancing customer service—which is central to the customer experience—it's crucial to choose solutions that support your strategy across the pre-sales, sales, and post-sales journey.

But for more mature businesses, the focus shifts to features that foster personalized omnichannel experiences, lifecycle management, customer analytics, automation, and real-time intelligence. 

The effectiveness of these advanced features is evident in the trends observed among top-performing companies. For instance, as of December 2023, a staggering 87% of ‘Cloud 100’ companies employ sales enablement or revenue enablement professionals, as reported by Qwilr.

This indicates a strong focus on optimizing customer engagement to drive sales. Whether it's about addressing engagement gaps on your website—where a simple live chat tool could suffice—or seeking more interactive experiences, like ServiceBell, the choice of your customer engagement solution should be informed by your specific needs. 

If your analysis reveals significant drop-offs at different stages of the customer journey, then investing in a comprehensive customer engagement platform could be the key to transforming these challenges into opportunities.

So there you have it — 12 of the best customer engagement solutions to boost your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. And tips for choosing one. 

Personalized customer engagement solutions can make a big difference to your customer experience. To get started, look for a ready-to-use option like ServiceBell and start engaging with your customers right away.

You'll be surprised at how positive live video chat experiences can translate to revenue and happier customers for you.

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