20 Chatbot Benefits For Your Business & Customers

These are the most important chatbot benefits for businesses and customers.

Daniel Ternyak
February 22, 2023

20 Benefits Of Chatbots

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Quantify Your Leads
  3. Greeting First Time Visitors
  4. Sending Out Notifications
  5. Personalized Product Recommendations
  6. Item Delivery
  7. Specialized Coupons
  8. Automating Repetitive Tasks
  9. Reducing The Cost Of Hiring Staff
  10. Fast Responses
  11. Marketing To Clients
  12. Bounce Rate Reduction
  13. Consumer Surveys
  14. HR Assistance
  15. Reduce Workload On Human Agents
  16. Always On Call
  17. Many Languages
  18. Checkout Support
  19. Multiple Channels
  20. Social Media Use

Lead Generation

One of the single most important things that a chatbot can do for your business is create leads. Chatbots are able to gather data from your users the second they log on to your site. That’s because the chatbot will ask for basic information from your clients once they start the chat. This is one of the best ways to help ensure that your leads are sorted out once they see your site.

Quantify Your Leads

Another advantage of working with chatbot is that it can also help you figure out some important details about your prospective leads. The bot can be trained to ask important questions.

As it does, it can figure out what the client wants from your site. It can also figure out what other kinds of items the client might like based on their initial stated preferences.

This allows you to see who is coming to your site and what they are doing when they get there. That can help you fine tune your business model to better meet the needs of your current client base and possible future customers.

Greeting First Time Visitors

Someone who hasn’t seen your business before may not know where to begin. A chatbot can be on hand to greet them. The chatbot can help them explore the site and get to know what you can offer them even if they aren’t sure what they want from the site. This makes people feel that you're ready and waiting for their patronage.

Sending Out Notifications

It’s important to let your clients know what you’re doing. You might have new products they might like. You also might have updated inventory for a specific time frame such as the spring season or Christmas.

A chatbot can send your clients automatic notifications and let them know why they might want to visit your site again. A well written, timely notification will get your client's attention and draw them back to your site again and again.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Clients appreciate it when you take an interest in them and show you care about their needs right away. A chatbot can come up with highly specific suggestions for products based on the client’s prior history.

For example, they might have purchased a certain type of perfume with notes of lavender and roses. A chatbot can suggest items like soap and air freshener with a similar composition.

Item Delivery

After placing an order with your company's website, your clients want to know what’s happening with it immediately. They can reach out to the chatbot and get the help they need to find out where the item is right now.

The clients can also use the chatbot to help figure out if something went wrong with the shipping process. If something complicated happens and the order hasn’t yet arrived, the chatbot can send the client to a live person to answer their questions in further detail.

Specialized Coupons

Coupons are a great way to make your clients feel very special. Discounts have another advantage. They can push your clients to buy more than they might otherwise.

A discount on an item with low profits can lead your customer to buy an item with a higher price and a larger profit margin. The chatbot can let them know this once they log on the site.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Certain tasks have to be done. Yet they are boring and tedious. It’s easy to make a mistake inputting data into a long form. This is work that is best reserved for a computer program. Your staffers can also examine the material to check for mistakes and make sure all data is correct.

Reducing The Cost of Hiring Staff

One of the single biggest costs all business owners face are hiring staffers. A chatbot can reduce the amount of money you have to spend on salaries.

It’s far less expensive to sign up for a chatbot with a small fixed monthly cost than it is to hire an employee to answer your client’s basic questions. A chatbot isn’t going to call in sick. The chatbot also won’t ask for paid vacation time.

Fast Responses

When a client wants help from your site about something, they want to have it as quickly as possible. Having to contact support can be frustrating especially if the client is put on hold because your business has a lot of calls. That’s where the chatbot can come to the rescue.

The chatbot is right there to respond to queries and answer essential questions. They can type in certain questions they might have about a product or a situation. The chatbot will respond immediately. That’s the kind of service many customers want, appreciate and enjoy.

Marketing to Clients

Coming up with an effective marketing strategy is imperative in any market. Chatbots can be part of this important process. That chatbot is right there to help fill in that otherwise inconvenient gap when a client starts to show interest in your product you are selling and the human takes over to bring the conversation along.

You can provide all sorts of interactive processes for your clients. For example, a client first shows up on your site.

After three or four minutes, your chatbot can be programmed to offer them a chance to spin a wheel and enter a drawing for a prize. It can also offer them a discount based on what page they are viewing at that time.

Bounce Rate Reduction

The term bounce rate refers to how many people stop viewing your page after looking at the first page. Bounce rates can be high when your users are not engaged with the content they find there.

A chatbot can help them find what they want and show off what the site has to offer. Websites that have lower bounce rates have many advantages. You’ll rank higher for many kinds of keywords. That leads to better SEO and more ability to be seen. It also leads to higher profits in the end.

Consumer Surveys

One of the best ways to get access to data is with the use of consumer surveys. Consumer surveys allow you to see what your clients are thinking about when they use your site.

You can program the chatbot to create a survey for your clients when they visit the site. You can also create a survey once they use the site more than once. A chatbot can also be used to create a survey after a client purchases a product from your company. That kind of data is very useful.

HR Assistance

If you run a company, you know the importance of finding good people and making sure they are on your side.

Really good employees can expand your business in new directions and contribute to your bottom line immeasurably. Chatbots can help with the process of working with prospective candidates for employment.

A chatbot can respond to their basic questions and take a resume for a specific job. The chatbot can also screen candidates and see if they meet certain requirements such as standard English fluency before the hiring process goes any further.

Reduce Workload on Human Agents

Many customers report a very high level of satisfaction with chatbots. In fact 87% of all users were pleased with their interactions. That’s a very impressive track record.

The chatbot allows your live agents a chance to focus on the issues that are not that important to your clients while the live agent does tasks that really need a human being.

Unlike live agents, chatbots don’t get stressed or respond to clients in a way that might indicate they are tired. That helps your agents especially when they get to the end of shift.

Always on Call

The internet is always on. You need to be right there with it. If you are based in New York City, you don’t want to go to bed and miss an important customer logging in and asking for help in California at 3 a.m. your time.

The chatbot can take over for you once you go to sleep. If you’re not a morning person it doesn’t matter.

The chatbot is right there bright and ready as the sun goes up. Chatbots allow you to do business even on weekends and when you’re on vacation. You and your staff can take company meetings easily knowing there’s someone to mind the store for you as you get together.

Many Languages

As a savvy business owner you know the importance of being able to reach as many clients as possible. While many people speak English, a great many people do not. That’s where the use of a chatbot can come to your rescue. Chatbots can be programmed to speak many languages.

This way you can have a way to answer questions from users from China to India and Peru. Your company looks multicultural and responsive to many people of varied backgrounds

Checkout Support

Once a client has decided to purchase something it can be hard for them to figure out where to go next. Issues such as how to pay for something, what kind of shipping is available and how they can track a package are not always easy to convey.

The chatbot can step up and show them how it’s done. This tool allows the customer to get help with all aspects of the final purchasing process. In doing so, the sophisticated chatbot ultimately gives you and your customers a much smoother buying experience.

Multiple Channels

There are lots of places that people can buy items. Clients can pick from large retailers such as Amazon and Target as well as other places like Etsy and eBay that allow them to find a great many items.

A chatbot can be there to help clients when they move from one outlet to the next. For example, you might sell items on your own website and have an eBay page. The chatbot can make this experience easier for your clients and easier for you to check when no matter which platform you are using.

Social Media Use

Social media is essential for contemporary business owners who operate their businesses and want to make a profit quickly. People gather together on varied forms of social media ranging from Twitter to Facebook and TikTok. A chatbot can be designed to help with orders from a specific form of social media.

For example, you can choose to work with chatbots that are designed with Facebook in mind.

This is a kind of highly specialized chatbot that makes it easier to convert people on your social media page from browsers to clients on the site. You’ll enjoy increased sales and happier customers.

Chatbots have a great many uses and lots of impressive benefits. It's important to know what you can expect when working with one before you decide this is the right path for your current business needs. It's also important to examine what you are doing right now as well as what you plan to do in the future. Careful examination of your current needs along with your future plans is essential.

This way, you can find the right kind of chatbot for your own specialized business efforts. You can also take it slowly. You might want to choose a trial account for a month.

If that works then it's time for you to move forward with a full time chatbot. This way, you get to see just how it can help your business, please your clients and ensure that you're moving in the right direction.

Understanding The Benefits Of Chatbots

As a business owner, you know that running a business in the modern world takes a great many skills in order to find the kind of success you're going to need to make it all work. One of the single most important skills you can have is knowing how to please your clients.

In the last few years, one of the most useful services that you can offer all of your client is what is known as a chatbot.

Chatbots are everywhere and for good reason.

That’s because they have a lot of important benefits. This is what you should know about chatbots. It’s also why you should strongly consider using a chatbot if you haven’t already for your business right now.

Keep in mind there are generally three types of chatbots. The rules based chatbot is based on a simple response to basic questions your users may have. This kind of chatbot has many advantages. Clients find it easy to understand. They also find it easy to work with directly. Not only that but this kind of chatbot is also less expensive than some other types of chatbots.

However, this kind of chatbot is also deeply limited. It can only handle very simple queries and nothing more. That's okay if you're just beginning and need something that's basic and familiar.

Another type of chatbot is what is known as an AI or artificial intelligence chatbot. These are tools that can be taught to learn about your business and respond to increasingly complex issues.

Many clients and companies like this kind of chatbot. That's because it is very much like speaking to a real person. This one allows you to give the impression you have a number of people on staff even if it's only you in the office right now.

However, this kind of chatbot can be on the more expensive side. It can also be harder to program. If you are planning a big expansion into a new market, this is a great chance to start over and get things done. It's also a chance for you to make a big splash and let your clients know you're on top of things.

There’s another type of chatbot known as a hybrid chatbot.

These are chatbots that are designed to embody many varied features for your business. They can answer basic queries but they also have more advanced features.

Hybrid models allow you to do lots of things at the same time. They are reliable and dependable. Keep in mind they can also be expensive in the same way that an AI can be costly. But it can pay off in increased customer satisfaction.

It’s useful to understand these terms as you think about the kind of chatbot you might want to use in your business and why. If you run a simple operation, you might only need a basic rules based chatbot. As your business expands or you’ve already expanded your business, a more complicated chatbot can help ensure your clients are getting the best possible customer service every single time they log on to your site.