6 BigCommerce Apps to Help Ecommerce Sites Succeed

The right combination of BigCommerce apps can boost the quality of your online store and your conversions, overall improving how users perceive your product.

Daniel Ternyak
January 29, 2023

BigCommerce has quickly become one of the most popular web platforms for ecommerce retailers. This robust SaaS tool makes it easy to set up an online store, allowing business owners to handle everything from storefront design to B2B segmentation and cross-channel marketing. Adding BigCommerce apps to your ecommerce store can help you boost sales and enhance your customer experience.

These six apps are essential additions to any BigCommerce store. When you unlock the full potential of this ecommerce platform, you can take your business to the next level.

6 Essential BigCommerce Apps

The right combination of BigCommerce apps can improve the quality of your online store — and the number of conversions. These apps are a great way to get started with enhancing your marketing plan.

1. Shogun

BigCommerce apps: Shogun

Image Credit: Shogun

You'll never get site visitors to the checkout page if you don't have an attractive digital storefront. Shogun makes it easy for store owners to design an attractive website that increases customer conversions. Best of all, you don't need any type of coding knowledge to improve your BigCommerce store’s design and functionality.

This BigCommerce app uses a drag-and-drop page builder so you can customize each page on your site with just a few clicks. If you're not sure where to start, Shogun's customizable templates offer a great starting point. Because this tool is specifically designed for ecommerce, you also gain access to features such as countdown timer popups and product listings. Improving the functionality and design of your website will make a strong first impression with potential customers.

Better yet, this tool can help you optimize your site with analytics features that monitor key metrics like add-to-carts, bounce rates, and sales. Built-in A/B testing makes it easy to identify new optimizations that can improve your conversion rates.

2. Yotpo

BigCommerce apps: Yotpo

Image Credit: Yotpo

Social proof plays a powerful role in any online purchase. Savvy marketers know that customer reviews and referrals are ultimately far more powerful than Facebook ads and other marketing campaigns. Yotpo is an add-on that helps your business gain social proof by actively asking for reviews.

This helpful BigCommerce app asks customers to leave a review during checkout. It also sends automated email messages asking for reviews in the days or weeks following a purchase. Yotpo also makes it easy to highlight review snippets on your own site, social media channels, and Google shopping. This can even include photo and video reviews.

Yotpo can also help your store develop a tier-based loyalty program. A customized loyalty program can help drive repeat purchases and even encourage customers to provide more referrals to your online store.

3. Klaviyo

BigCommerce apps: Klaviyo

Image Credit: Klaviyo

Mailchimp isn't the only option for maximizing the potential of your email list. The right messages at the right time can prove key to the customer journey, and Klaviyo is uniquely poised to help with your growth marketing efforts. Drawing from a wide swath of data, this BigCommerce app uses real-time triggers to target and segment your audience.

Klaviyo triggers automated workflows by using a wide range of events or data profiles, from list membership, location, cart abandonment, and more. For example, you could create an email marketing flow that automatically sends an abandoned cart reminder three hours after someone adds an item to their cart but doesn't complete checkout.

By using this BigCommerce app to collect and analyze customer data, you can ensure that your communications are better tailored to their needs and their stage in the buyer's journey. The use of dynamic forms helps businesses grow their email lists so they can gather more in-depth data and expand the reach of future marketing campaigns.

4. FavSEO

BigCommerce apps: FavSEO

Image Credit: FavSEO

A strong SEO strategy is vital for the success of any website — but many companies lack the budget for pay-per-click campaigns that target high-traffic keywords. Fortunately, enhancing your website's organic SEO can also go a long way in helping potential customers discover your brand. FavSEO makes it easier than ever to optimize a BigCommerce website.

This top-rated BigCommerce app allows site owners to edit titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags. Better yet, it streamlines this process with a bulk editor. Rather than editing SEO information one product page at a time, you can update keywords for multiple product listings all in one go.

Most importantly, however, FavSEO helps site owners identify when and where changes need to be made to improve their rankings. An advanced SEO audit and keyword suggestion tool help you understand which changes will have the greatest impact for your growth. You can even see each page's SEO score in real-time.

5. Sellbrite

BigCommerce apps: Sellbrite

Image Credit: Sellbrite

Even if you expect the bulk of your sales to take place on your website, there is no denying the sales potential of listing products on sites like eBay or Amazon. Sellbrite helps you reach customers on these websites, while doing much of the heavy lifting of creating product listings.

Sellbrite lets BigCommerce users automatically list products on platforms besides their website. Simply import your product listings from BigCommerce and select the additional channels you would like to add them to. You can even create product listings directly within Sellbrite and export them to your BigCommerce site and other sales platforms. You can also alter listings between platforms, adjusting pricing and other metrics as desired.

The tool also allows you to sync your inventory between these platforms, so you don't have to worry about an out-of-stock item getting listed as “available” on another site. This BigCommerce app also lets you manage order fulfillment for all these platforms in one location. You can start by adding multi-channel listings for just a few products or add up to 100 at once.

6. Fast Simon (Formerly InstantSearch+)

Fast Simon

Image Credit: Fast Simon

The people who stumble across your website and casually browse your products aren't the only shoppers you should worry about. Some customers know exactly what they're looking for, and they want to see if your site sells it (and for a good price).

Fast Simon (formerly InstantSearch+) helps boost your conversion rates by improving on-site search features. This AI-powered tool can provide autocompletion of search queries, track synonyms to promote similar products, and use autocorrect to address common spelling mistakes. The ability to add filters and categories gives customers more power over their search results so they can find what they're looking for quickly.

This BigCommerce app even draws on customer behaviors, current inventory, and other key data points to present the most relevant products in a customer's search results. You can't always count on these products to show up in a Google search result, but with Fast Simon, you can present the right products to shoppers who are ready to buy.

Bonus Integration: Enhance the On-Site Experience With ServiceBell


A personalized shopping experience has always been one of the best ways to increase sales. While this may seem difficult to accomplish in the digital marketplace, it doesn't have to be. ServiceBell provides an intuitive live video chat option on your website, helping your team acquire new customers, provide product recommendations, and accomplish other useful acquisition and retention tasks.

The ability to speak with a living, breathing person can turn an ordinary website visit into a lasting relationship. Best of all, ServiceBell easily integrates with your website, just like the other BigCommerce apps discussed in this article. You only need a single line of code, whether you use BigCommerce, Shopify, or something else entirely. 

By creating a convenient, personalized shopping experience, ServiceBell will help you turn more site visitors into paying customers.