10 Best Real Estate Chatbots & How To Use Them

Here are the best real estate chatbots you should start using to convert more traffic into leads.

Daniel Ternyak
February 10, 2023

Best Real Estate Chatbots Overview

  1. MobileMonkey
  2. Tidio
  3. Brivity
  4. Tars
  5. ReadyChat
  6. Collect.chat
  7. Landbot
  8. Structurely
  9. Roof.ai
  10. ManyChat

Many real estate agents know the importance of staying on top of the latest developments in technology. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to find ways to help your clients. One of the most important developments in the last twenty years has been the rise of the internet.

Now, more than ever before, real estate professionals need to have the best possible website. A good site has many aspects to it. One of the most useful is having the ability to reach out to customers directly.

This is where the real estate chatbot can be of help. Chatbots should be a part of any real estate agent's professional plans. If you are going to make the world of real estate work for you, real estate chatbots can help you serve your clients, set up a professional practice and watch it expand rapidly.

What Is A Real Estate Chatbot?

A real estate chatbot is an app that responds to a user's questions on your website. Each app can be programmed in order to respond to questions specific to that business. They are your virtual assistant. In this capacity a real estate chatbot can engage in a wide variety of tasks.

They can answer questions your potential clients pose to your site. The real estate chatbot can also provide updates about a given property as well as your credentials and selling track record. The bot can take messages for you, agree to schedule meetings with clients and let you know about a potential client and what they are looking for in a property.

There are two types of real estate chatbots. One type is based on the use of artificial intelligence. The second type of real estate chatbots are logic tree chatbots.

Smart real estate chatbots are the kind of intelligence you'll find in other applications. If you have a smart thermostat or other kind of appliance, you'll notice it tends to learn over time. This is the same way the smart real estate chatbots operate. They learn from prior interactions how to respond to new information.

The second kind of real estate chatbots are the kind of chatbots that resemble a phone tree. They can take very basic information and answer some standard questions. They have a place in your business but it's good to remember these are much limited in scope.  

How Chatbots Can Be Used In A Real Estate Business

Effective chatbots can do a variety of tasks.

They can collect basic information and route it to the right agent. For example, if you have a large office, you'll want to make sure clients are directed to specialists in commercial real estate or those who work with local residential buyers.

A real estate chatbot can book a tour of a home for a prospective buyer for you.

These type of bots can also help clients narrow down possible properties for sale. Many buyers aren't sure where to begin. A good real estate chatbot can answer their questions and help them figure out a list of the properties that meet their specific criteria.

A chatbot can also help the potential buyer figure out what kind of budget and mortgage they should take out based on certain criteria.

For example, the bot can take information such as the buyer's personal income, desired neighborhood and help them find out which properties are going to fit these options.

A real estate chatbot is there to act as your representative any hour of the day. You want a bot that reflects your business. You also want a bot that shows off your best qualities and demonstrates exactly why your firm is the right one for every single client.

How Much Do Real Estate Chatbots Cost?

Real estate chatbot pricing varied widely. Many firms offer a free trial. This is an excellent way to find out if that particular real estate chatbot is right for your business needs. Other chatbots can charge up to $500 a month or more.

In general, the more features you want, the more money you'll need to lay out for a chatbot. A simple chatbot can be a good way to test the waters and see if this is right for you.

Chatbots that are more complex are right for busy real estate offices. Some features like messaging are included in nearly all real estate chatbots. Other features such as real estate chatbots that make use of AI can be quite costly.

However, keep in mind many real estate chatbots are a great way to screen clients and answer basic questions. This allows you to reduce your overhead and still serve your client's needs at the same time.

Real estate chatbots also allow your office to take responses from potential leads on holidays, weekends and when your office is closed at night. That all helps increase potential revenues and decrease your overhead.

10 Best Chatbots For Real Estate

Real estate agents are in luck. There are many types of chatbots on the market today. Each one has certain advantages and a few drawbacks.

Before you do anything else, it's important to make sure you are comfortable with the chatbot. A good chatbot is one that fits into your own budget and performs the exact functions you need most.

1. MobileMonkey


Many real estate agents like MobileMonkey. While it's not specifically designed for the real estate market, it does have just about everything you could ever want in a chatbot platform. You get webchat. You also get access to live chat. It has Facebook Messenger bots that make using this platform a snap.

It also has omnichannel marketing that allow you to market to many types of platforms. This one works on any kind of mobile application for all users. It also works when your clients are working with your site from a laptop, desktop or a tablet.

People also like it because it has a visual-flow chatbot builder and and easy to use editor. You can make use of varied types of templates and customize them to your exact needs. MobileMonkey is proficient in many languages so that makes it easy to communicate with clients from different backgrounds. You get real world data and lots of easy ways to see what's happening with your site.

It's important to keep in mind this can a pricy option. Advanced features may cost as much as $300 a month or more. Frequent updates can also be difficult to follow.

2. Tidio


Tidio is another great option that many real estate agents swear by. That's because this platform has so much to offer. Many real estate agents like how easy it to use in order to generate leads. They also like how it comes with lots of varied templates that you can use in order to make it work with your business.

This is one of many reasons why the software has a lot of positive reviews and plenty of happy users. It has an excellent built-in help ticketing system that people find it easy to use. This one also has a tiered pricing system making it easy to figure out which level is right for your needs.

Once all features are bundled it can be expensive so keep that in mind as you sign up.

3. Brivity


If you're looking for chatbot with a specific focus on the world of real estate, this one's for you. Brivity makes use of artificial intelligence to provide a thoughtful user experience.

It has lots of features that are vitally important for any modern real estate professional. Home valuation sites that are connected directly to your CRM make for a smooth transition. Listing alert email drips are another feature that help you sell.

Community features such as how walkable a neighborhood is can be programmed into the AI and used for each neighborhood. It's easy to customize this one. As a chatbot designed for the real estate market, you get help that is all what you need in a real estate chatbot.

Keep in mind this another chatbot that can be expensive to install in your business. You'll need to see if this one works and if it helps build leads and collect the data you want to beat the competition.

4. Tars

We created a new Logo. Here's how we did it! - Tars Blog

Tars is a chatbot designed around the ideal of providing superior customer service. This one can be used to help answer questions, respond to consumer complaints and even handle some very basic real estate transactions.

Many real estate agents like it because it has over a hundred customizable templates specifically for the use of real estate agents. Real estate agents can use it for actions such as screenings for rentals as well as property valuation.

Tars can also be used to help people who are looking for an apartment in a given location.

Some users find it confusing to start off so make sure you understand how to install it and don't hesitate to ask for help.

5. ReadyChat


ReadyChat has gained a lot of followers for several reasons. It has both webchat and live chat. The live agents they use are people who tend to know a lot about the world of real estate and can answer even the most complicated questions. Customization is easy to follow and even easier to implement.

There's 27/7 available on hand to help with all types of real estate transactions. That makes this one ideal for companies with multiple offices across the globe.

This one can be expensive as it has three pricing tiers. The cheapest tier begins at about $200 a month and goes up from there. At the same time, this one is one that can provide highly superior customer service. People who feel they are giving good service are likely to work with your business.

They are also more likely to refer you to other people and leave a positive review. The fact that it is always available is a good option if you run a small firm and you need to make sure you always have some form of backup.

6. Collect.chat

Collect.chat is about providing your clients with truly customer support. It is also about providing them with the kind of sales processes that can take your real estate business to the next level.

This lets you automate certain processes that might otherwise take a lot of time. Use it to design your own bots or even create your own customized pages that have a unique and easy to reach URL. The app has lots of varied features. That makes it particularly good for those in the field of real estate sales.

There are three separate chatbot templates. They can be used to create a virtual real agent, provide a mortgage assistant survey and even offer your clients customized mortgage help. They have a highly responsive team with expert customer support that is more than ready to answer your questions any time you might need help.

It's important to keep in mind that customization options are very simple at the basic pricing level and some features may not be available. This real estate chatbot also lacks a live option. That can be a huge drawback for some busy offices and clients expecting immediate service.

7. Landbot


Landbot allows all users to build their own chatbots. You can use them for a live chat widget. You can also use this one to create a design conversational AI landing page of your own. Landbot is easy to use. It lets real estate professionals create their own simple chatbots only minutes.

You don't need to have any coding skills to make it work. You can also easily customize it to your personal and professional needs. Chatbots can be used as separate landing pages. This is a particularly good option when you have lots of users who make use of WhatsApp.

Keep in mind this one is all about online lead generation. You can't respond when the chatbot is running in order to take over and speak to the client directly.

8. Structurely


Structurely is made for real estate. This one is all about the use of AI/machine learning. That allows it to qualify real estate leads with a highly popular unique chatbot know as Aisa Holmes.

This one has a lot of useful features real estate agents love. You get both text and live chat. You can use it on many platforms including Zillow and Facebook.

It also allows the chatbot to refer a client to a live agent. That makes for a smooth transition and easy transaction. It works with laptop, desktop and mobile phone. You can choose to pause a conversation in progress or you can let the chatbot do the entire thing for you including setting up a meeting.

All of these services don't come cheap. Plans start at $179 and only go up from there. If you want the full service, you can expect to pay as much as $500 a month. That makes this one of the priciest options on the market today.

9. Roof.ai


Roof.ai does so much for your business. It's an AI/machine learning chatbot that acts as a virtual assistant for your real estate business.

Their chatbots allow you capture, qualify, and rout all potential leads to agents to the right ag3ents on your team. It's very easy to integrate this one to your MLS.

It's also a good option for the long term. The chatbots continue to learn and grow as long as your business learns and grows. It can get expensive but it also works well with both commercial and residential real estate.

10. ManyChat

Manychat logo

ManyChat lets users create their own bots that lets their clients schedule their own convenient property viewings on varied types of social media.

This one works particularly well with Facebook. It has lots of features specifically designed for use with this platform. Real estate agents will find it particularly easy to set up Facebook marketing campaigns. You can make use of Messenger chats and speak with clients to find out their needs.

Chatbots can also be created in order to answer lots of common questions from all of your potential buyers Messenger and Instagram real estate chatbots can also be used to provide users with the chance to schedule property viewings for the properties they like best.

Many agents like the fact that there's a free plan. This is a good option if you don't know much about how chatbots work. It's also a good option if you do a lot of marketing on social media. Many agents also find it very easy to customize the chatbots to their specific needs. At the same time, this can also be challenging. It's one chatbot that you'll only want to use if you have some very basic programming skills.