14 Best Drift Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

These are the best Drift alternatives & competitors. Find the best alternatives to the Drift chatbot in this up-to-date roundup.

Daniel Ternyak
January 29, 2023

These are the best Drift alternatives & competitors.

Find the best alternatives to Drift in this up-to-date roundup.

Keep reading to find the best Drift alternatives.

Here they are:

  1. ServiceBell
  2. Intercom
  3. Aivo
  4. Botsify
  5. ChatBot
  6. Clare.AI
  7. Chatfuel
  8. Clustaar
  9. Jacada
  10. ManyChat
  11. FlowXO
  12. Imperson
  13. MobileMonkey
  14. Morph.AI

1. ServiceBell

Short description: ServiceBell helps companies build trust with their customers and prospects, directly on their website with live video chat, screen takeover, and user monitoring.

Key features: ServiceBell comes with live video chat, screen takeover, user monitoring, and user analytics, all of which help businesses offer better customer support. ServiceBell notifies you when your customers enter high-value pages, gives you insight into your customers' buying process, and helps you understand how your customers found your site.

Pricing: ServiceBell comes with four pricing levels: Starter, Revenue Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Product Teams. All four levels enable businesses to proactively engage website visitors with live video chat, screen takeover, and user monitoring. ServiceBell helps by boosting retention and reducing onboarding friction, and improving customer relationships.

Trial period: ServiceBell offers an unlimited and free trial period which enables businesses to make 10 reactive calls, 10 proactive calls, and 10 session takeovers for up to 20 active visitors per month.

2. Intercom

intercom chat

Short description: Intercom is a customer communications platform that helps businesses build personalized, in-depth relationships with their website visitors through messenger-based functions like email, chats, bots and apps.

Key features: Some of the key features offered with Intercom include email-to-case and live chat support communication channels, targeted emails, in-app messaging and pop-ups. It also offers a knowledge base, customer profile storage, a team inbox and ticket creation user experience.

Pricing: Intercom offers three service packages: Support, Customer Engagement and Marketing. All of the packages are priced differently. Prices for them are customized according to the number of users that you want to add and number of website visitors that you want to reach.

Trial period: Intercom offers a free demo on each of their three service packages. To get a free demo, click on the Free Demo link on the package that you want to try for 14 days at no cost.

G2 rating: Intercom has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on G2. Users appreciate that it connects them directly with customers in the app. They also like that it lets customers engage the product or service they want.

Intercom is a user-friendly multi-channel customer communications platform. It makes it easy for businesses to engage customers directly through features like in-app messaging, email, chats and bots. It also offers a free demo on each of its three packages.

3. Aivo

aivo chat

Short description: Aivo is a customer communications platform that uses artificial intelligence and omnichannel solutions to solve businesses' customer service and sales growth issues.

Key features: Aivo offers a number of key features, such as a knowledge base and searchable articles. It also offers pop-up chat functionality, in-app messaging and notifications. Other features available to businesses include conversation archiving, a team inbox, customer profiles and customization for businesses' internal use.

Pricing: Aivo offers two packages, Starter and Advanced, for $99 and $449 a month, respectively. It also has two package, Business and Enterprise, that offers customized pricing. To get a quote for either of these two packages, you can click on the Get a Quote link on Aivo's website.

Free trial: Aivo offers a free trial that you can sign up for on its website. To get the free trial, you first create an Aivo account. You can then fill out the email form to begin your 30 day trial of Aivo's basic services.

G2 rating: Aivo has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on G2. Customers like that it offers a tool that automates functionalities. They also like its fast answer features.

Aivo touts itself as a leader in the chatbot industry. It offers a myriad of tools, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence, that provide omnichannel solutions. Users can automate their functionalities and answer customer questions directly in real-time.

4. Botsify

botsify chat

Short description: Botsify is a chatbot platform that offers managed unified chat automation for businesses with multiple platforms that are set through automatic responses.

Key features: Some of the key features available with Botsify include premium chatbot functions, live chat services and whitelabel chatbox options. Subscribers also get access to features like a chatbox guide, knowledge base, messenger chatbox guide and webinar series for training.

Pricing: Botsify offers three product packages: Personal, Professional and White-label. The Personal package costs $40 a month. The Professional package costs $125 a month while the White-label package offers pricing that is customized for your business's precise customer service and chatbot needs.

Free trial: Botsify offers a free 14 day trial of its basic products and services. It gives you access to all dashboard services without having to use a credit card or other form of payment. Sign up on Botsify's website.

G2 rating: Botsify has a G2 rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers like how easy it is to use and customize. They also like that it walks users through the process of learning how to set it up and use it effectively.

Botsify is designed to make setting up and using chatbot on your website easy and fast. It is specifically geared toward people who have no prior coding knowledge but who want to utilize chatbots on their websites.

5. ChatBot


Short description: ChatBot touts itself as an all-in-one platform that designs and builds effective and conversational website chatbots without the use of any coding.

Key features: Some of the features that subscribers to ChatBot get include a no-code chatbot builder, a chatbot testing tool and a customizable chat widget. You also get access to ChatBot Academy that teaches you to use the available products and services.

Pricing: ChatBot offers four different packages: Starter, Team, Business and Enterprise. The Starter package costs $42 a month while the Team package costs $126 a month. Business costs subscribers $424 a month. The Enterprise package price is customized to your business's chatbot needs.

Free trial: You can get a free 14 day trial to the products and services available on the Team package. You can sign up for the trial without having to use a credit card or other payment form.

G2 rating: ChatBot has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on G2. Customers like that it can automate a business's livechat. They also appreciate that it makes directly answering inquiries from website visitors fast and easy.

ChatBot allows business owners to design and build their own chatbots without having to know anything about or having previously used coding. It creates conversational chatbots that lets you answer customers' questions directly and quickly. It also offers a free 14 day trial on its basic services.

6. Clare.AI

clare.ai chat

Short description: Clare.AI is a platform that creates white-label end-to-end digital assistant solutions that is powered by artificial intelligence and utilizes natural language processing.

Key features: Some of the response features that you get with Clare.AI include route to human response, customization, drip sequences, control and menu bars. Other platform features include live chat, branding, integrations and analytics. You also get personalized, contextually engaged conversational platforms.

Pricing: Clare.AI offers two levels of pricing for its services. You can subscribe to Clare.AI annually for a total price of $480. You can also subscribe monthly for $49. The annual price gets you 50,000 customer response support messages while the monthly price gets you 15,000.

Free trial: Clare.AI offers a free trial to new subscribers. To get the trial, you can create an account on the Clare.AI website and then complete the form to begin your free trial period.

G2 rating: Clare.AI has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on G2. Customers say that it offers amazing value and excellent support services. They also like that it works just as well for small businesses as it does for larger companies.

Clare.AI is a creates white-label end-to-end customer communication and digital assistant solutions. It uses the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create chatbots that let you serve  and directly answer your website visitors better.

7. Chatfuel

chatfuel chat

Short description: Chatfuel is chatbot building platform used by websites like Facebook and Instagram. It avoids using coding in its chatbot creation and gears itself toward generating leads and personalizing sales.

Key features: The key feature available with Chatfuel is its website that walks you through the process of creating your own customized chatbot for your business. You get personalized support throughout the creation process and can follow chatbot examples.

Pricing: Chatfuel offers a basic package of its services that supports up to 50 users for free. It also has a Pro package that supports up to 25,000 users for $15 a month and a Premium package that supports unlimited users that starts at $199 a month.

Free trial: The free package allows you to try out Chatfuel without having to pay for its services. You can sign up for this package without having to use a credit card.

G2 rating: Chatfuel has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Users like that it lets them create a living character for their chatbots. They also like the flow-oriented processing and easy setup of chatbots. They appreciate the online guide for new users.

Chatfuel is a popular chatbot building platform that is used by mainstream websites like Facebook and Instagram. It lets clients build customized lead generating, personalized sales chatbots for their websites without having to use coding.

8. Clustaar

clustaar chat

Short description: Clustaar is a bot-building platform that prioritizes customer support automation. It walks clients through the chatbot building process utilizing user-friendly technology and easy online guides.

Key features: Some of the key features that website owners get with Clustaar include NLP and machin learning that lets chatbots learn natural human speech patterns. Chatbot builders can request their NLP in a variety of languages, including English, Russian and Spanish.

Pricing: The prices for Clustaar's services begin at $350 a month. The prices that website owners pay depends on factors like per interaction rates and website deployment. It also comes with several online resources that guide clients in how to build effective chatbots.

Free trial: Clustaar does not offer a free version of its services. However, it does allow new subscribers to sign up for on the Clustaar website and try out its basic services for a limited time for free.

G2 rating: G2 does not readily offer a rating for Clustaar. It notes that there currently are not enough reviews from users right now to formulate a rating that would be informative or helpful to new subscribers or people interested in its services.

Clustaar allows website owners to build their own chatbots using customer support automation technology. It offers several resources that guide new users in how to build chatbots that recognize and respond to natural human speech in multiple languages.

9. Jacada

jacada chat

Short description: Jacada offers website owners a better way to build automated customers experiences. It shows them how to build effective chatbots quickly using advanced artificial intelligence and low code automation.

Key features: Some of the key features that you get when you subscribe to Jacada include Agent Assist, which is powered by robotic desktop automation, and also customer assist that features a multi-modal virtual agent and visual IVR.

Pricing: Jacada has three packages: Call Center Scripting edition, Call Center RPA edition and AI Powered Assist edition. The Call Center Scripting edition starts at $34 a month. The other two packages require a brief pricing discovery to find out what exact services that website owners require.

Free trial: Jacada offers a free trial of its Call Center Scripting edition package. To get the offer, you can click on the Free Trial link on this package and then fill out the included email form.

G2 rating: G2 does not currently have a rating available for Jacada. It notes that it has not collected enough reviews from users currently to offer a rating that provides an adequate review of Jacada's overall services.

Jacada walks users through the chatbox creation process using resources like artificial intelligence and low code automation. It prioritizes making chatbots that enhance customer experiences and allows website owners to engage with their visitors directly and as easily as possible.

10. ManyChat

manychat chat

Short description: ManyChart is touted as the number one chat marketing platform in the world. It prioritizes automating Facebook messenger experiences for subscribers to its services.

Key features: Some of the key features that you get with ManyChart include a marketing lead database, social media engagement, basic reporting and analytics and social media and website channels. You also get messenger sequencing, live chat, AI and customization interfacing for your messaging.

Pricing: ManyChat has two packages available, Free and Pro. The free package includes unlimited subscriber and quick start templates. The Pro package costs $10 a month and includes unlimited audience segmentation, unlimited growth tools and collect data subscriber function.

Free trial: You can get a free trial of ManyChat. Your free trial starts with signing up for it using your Facebook account information. You can also get it by signing up for a free account on the ManyChat website.

G2 rating: The G2 rating for ManyChat is 4.6 out of 5 stars. Users say it is the best chatbot for Facebook messenger. They say it is very user-friendly and is a great chatbot flow builder for businesses of all sizes.

ManyChat is a platform that lets website and business owners improve their Facebook messenger experiences. It offers features ranging from live chat to messaging sequencing to allow businesses to connect with customers better through Facebook Messenger. It also focuses on being user-friendly and convenient.

11. FlowXO

flowxo chat

Short description: FlowXO is a platform that lets users build code-free chatbots using a variety of innovative features. It prioritizes enhancing communication and engagement.

Key features: Some of the key features that you get when you subscribe to FlowXO include pre-filter leads, live chat and information gathering functionality. You also get help creating a lighthearted environment in your chatbot and including features for payments.

Pricing: The standard plan for FlowXO costs $19 a month and gives access to all features. However, you can also pay for add-ons for more bots or active flows. Five bots and active flows cost an additional $10 a month while 25,000 interactions a month costs $25 more a month.

Free trial: You can start using FlowXO for free. Your free trial gets you access to services like FlowXO for chat, 500 interactions, two weeks of logs and email support. You also get five bots or active flows with your free trial.

G2 rating: G2 does not have enough reviews of FlowXO to assign it a rating at this time.

FlowXO lets website and business owners create code-free chatbots that are geared specifically for customer engagement and better communications. It offers a free basic package. Subscribers can also $10 to $25 more per month for add-ons for features like additional interactions, as well as more bots and active flows for their chatbots.

12. Imperson

imperson chat

Short description: Imperson is a company that develops turnkey chatbots for businesses and website owners that naturally automate customer conversations and journeys and build better customer relationships.

Key features: Some of the key features that come with Imperson include Toolbox. Toolbox is a resource that lets subscribers build chatbots in minutes. It is free and deploys to websites easily. It also is open and monitors businesses' conversations with visitors to their websites.

Pricing: Imperson uses a pricing plan that translates into about one cent per word for people who use its services. The pricing is actually part of its per-use price scheme. Prices may vary according to specific chatbot design and use.

Free trial: Imperson does not currently offer a free trial for its services. You can contact Imperson directly on its website to get a customized quote for services in which you are interested for building website chatbots.

G2 rating: G2 does not have a rating available for Imperson. However, other platform ratings online give Imperson a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It gets high marks for being easy to use and also offering its Toolbox functions for designing and launching chatbots.

Imperson is a chatbot developer that allows businesses and website owners to develop turnkey chatbots. It focuses on converting casual visitors into paying customers. It also facilitates easy and natural conversations with visitors.

13. MobileMonkey

mobilemonkey chat

Short description: MobileMonkey touts itself as the world's leading omnichat platform. It prioritizes connecting customers and businesses or website owners in real-time via web chats, text, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Key features: Some key features of MobileMonkey include messenger sequencing, live chat, AI and user interfacing. It also comes with social media and text messaging channels, as well as voice assistants and website channels and customer, profiles, sales conversion and analytics targeting.

Pricing: MobileMonkey offers four different service packages: InstagramTools, Agencio, FunnelPro and SMBots. Prices for each package are not listed on the website. Interested subscribers can click on the Learn More option under each package. They can also get information on the website's FAQ section.

Free trial: MobileMonkey also offers a free trial of its services. To get the free trial, click on the Try MobileMonkey link at the top of the website. Then fill out the form to create a free MobileMonkey account.

G2 rating: MobileMonkey has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on G2. Users like its easy-to-use auto respond features that let users respond quickly and easily to direct messages. They also like its user-friendly dashboard and customer support options.

MobileMonkey creates customer communications platforms like live chats for social media and websites. It is one of the world's leading omnichat platforms and is used on sites like Instagram and WhatsApp. It facilitates easy and immediate conversations between customers and website and business owners.

14. Morph.AI

morph.ai chat

Short description: Morph.AI focuses on helping businesses create chat-flows for WhatsApp. It gears itself toward creating chatbots for lead generation and customer support.

Key features: Key features that come with Morph.AI include Chat Flow Builder, Chat AI/Intelligence, Chat Channels and Nurturing/Notifications. It also offers resources like Audience/CRM, Analytics, Chat Marketing and Website Marketing Support, among others that make designing chatbots easier.

Pricing: Morph.AI offers packages that start at $47 per month. This price covers 500 monthly active users, 10,000 monthly message sessions, 30 minutes of WhatsApp bot training and ticket based customer support. It also requires a one-time activation fee of $100 from new subscribers.

Trial period: While Morph.AI does not offer a free trial of its services, it does offer a free demo of them. To get the free demo, click on the demo link on the Morph.AI website. You can then request access to website and Facebook bots.

G2 rating: Mortph.AI has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on G2. Users say that it offers effortless utilization of WhatsApp business API. They also like that it lets them customize their chatbots and includes a variety of marketing functionalities.

Morph.AI walks users through the process of building chatbots for WhatsApp. It focuses on lead generation and customer support enhancement. It also offers a variety of resources for customizing chatbots that target users' specific audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why look for Drift alternatives?

While Drift is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the chatbot industry, it may not be on par with your business's particular customer service needs. In fact, most businesses use Drift primarily for sales support. It especially excels in qualifying sales leads for businesses who use it.

However, it lacks in customer support functionality and can leave both you and your business short of expectations that you have for a serviceable chatbot. It does not allow you to meet the needs that customers may have when they use it to reach out to your company.

When they cannot get their needs met through your Drift chatbot, your customers may turn away from your business in favor of your competition.

With that, even if you subscribe to the low cost or free Drift package, you may not get the functions that you expect out of it. It can help you generate sales for your business, which can definitely increase revenue for you. However, you may lose more revenue than you gain if your Drift chatbot prevents you from satisfying all of your customer service needs.

How did we choose the best alternatives to Drift?

Several important criteria made the top of the list in the search for alternatives to Drift. Among them is the need for chatbots that offer pop-ups that can be opened on the page that the website visitor is on instead of diverting him or her to a dedicated chat page.

Likewise, suitable Drift alternatives provide 24/7 support and do not fall asleep. This around-the-clock functionality allows people to get customer service solutions and spares them from getting impatient. They can get customer service exactly when they need it from your Drift chatbot alternative.

A good Drift alternative also does not limit the number of people who need live agent support. It can solve simple issues and leave your business's customer service team free to deal with more in-depth issues that call for human attention.

The ideal Drift chatbot alternative likewise offers a low percentage of errors and is smart enough to interpret your customers' questions and concerns. It can provide automated responses that match your customers' needs without misinterpreting questions or providing the wrong answers.

Finally, alternatives to Drift connect website visitors to live agents if and when needed. They make this connection when they are not able to solve simple questions or concerns automatically on their own.