ServiceBell Dialer

Automate manual work with AI

Call 1-10 numbers at the same time, automatically navigate phone trees, and instantly connect when a prospect answers. Accelerate team efficiency, and spend more time selling.

Voicemail drop

Leave a pre-recorded voicemail automatically, instead of wasting time saying the same thing over and over again.

Easily follow-up with prospects

ServiceBell creates follow-up tasks for you, so reps don’t lead prospects slip through the cracks.

Prioritize high-intent prospects

ServiceBell uses AI to prioritize your best prospects and immediately call them, increasing connect rate and meetings booked.

High-quality audio, without a delay

“You’re breaking up” is the last thing an SDR wants to hear. Make every call crystal clear, and parallel dial without the delay that gives you away.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop

Stay out of spam and connect more often

Nobody answers when your caller ID says “Potential Spam”, yet most parallel dialers are marked as spam for high call volume. ServiceBell rotates numbers in realtime, so you aren’t marked as spam and connect more often.


Grow your pipeline with data-driven insights

Understand where your team is struggling and uncover coaching opportunities with robust analytics and call recordings. Track outbound conversion rates, call dispositions, and more broken down by rep performance and list performance.

A young woman working on a laptop
A young woman working on a laptop
Sales floor

Make remote sales feel in-person again

SDRs learn through immersion in a busy sales floor, an aspect of sales that’s lost when they call from their rom. ServiceBell’s sales floor makes reps feel in-person again, and unlocks realtime coaching opportunities for sales managers to improve rep performance.


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