Remote access,
now in your browser. Onboarding has
never been easier.

Unlock live screen sharing, remote takeover, and instant video collaboration without the bulky software installation - so you can onboard faster, drive product adoption, and increase retention.
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See what your customers see

No more headaches onboarding customers without seeing their screen.

With ServiceBell, you’re one click away from viewing any customer's screen directly on your website - so you can eliminate wasted time and onboard 3X faster.

One click screen takeover

No more clunky remote-access software or unnecessary back-and-forth that wastes time, frustrates customers and causes churn.

Instead, takeover customer screens with a single click and address their needs in seconds.

Now you can activate and retain more customers with the best possible onboarding experience.

Installs in just minutes

Install ServiceBell with just one line of code.

ServiceBell works on every website, regardless of framework or language.

ServiceBell is optimized for pagespeed, and won't slow down your site.

Easy setup, seamless onboarding

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Astound your customers

Be there for your customers like no one else has ever been.