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Unlock live screen sharing, remote takeover, and instant video collaboration without the bulky software installation - so you can onboard faster, drive product adoption, and increase retention.
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See what your customers see

No more headaches onboarding customers without seeing their screen.

With ServiceBell, you’re one click away from viewing any customer's screen directly on your website - so you can eliminate wasted time and onboard 3X faster.

One click screen takeover

No more clunky remote-access software or unnecessary back-and-forth that wastes time, frustrates customers and causes churn.

Instead, takeover customer screens with a single click and address their needs in seconds.

Now you can activate and retain more customers with the best possible onboarding experience.

Installs in just minutes

Install ServiceBell with just one line of code.

ServiceBell works on every website, regardless of framework or language.

ServiceBell is optimized for pagespeed, and won't slow down your site.

“Onboarding with ServiceBell is 3X faster and 20% cheaper than our old workflow. The difference is night and day.”

Adam Guild, Co-founder

Why use ServiceBell for onboarding?

There’s no reason to onboard customers without being able to see their screens, deal with the hassle of setting up Zoom, or suffer through clunky remote takeover software your customers can’t - nor want - to install.

  • Save time: No more wasted time verbally explaining to customers where to click via chat or dealing with installing bulky remote access software. See and control your customer’s browser with one click, and onboard up to 3X faster.
  • Increase activation:  Don’t trust pop-up tours with your onboarding - 80% of self-serve customers never reach activation (OpenView), and yet a mere 25% activation boost increases MRR by 34.3% after 12 months (Appcues). Activate customers with a killer customer experience via ServiceBell.
  • Increase retention: Proactively check-in with customers live in your browser and show them new features without having to use a chatbot or schedule a meeting. Reactively answer support requests in seconds and give your customers the help they need in real-time.
  • Boost team morale: Employee turnover skyrockets when onboarding reps suffer through clunky third-party software tools and painfully long onboarding calls. Instead, boost team morale and retention with the best possible onboarding experience.

Check out how ServiceBell tripled's onboarding productivity.

Onboarding's impact on retention and CLV

After improving their onboarding process, InnerTrends observed those who completed the initial onboarding process were 38% more likely to return one week later. 

The numbers are only more staggering with time - after 12 weeks, those who completed InnerTrend’s onboarding process had a nearly 3X higher retention rate.

That’s no small feat - even a modest 5% increase in retention can grow profits by 25% to 95% (Harvard Business Review), so imagine how impactful their 200% retention increase was for their bottom line.  

Changing the definition of onboarding

Clearly, we all need to invest more in our onboarding process - but what is onboarding, exactly?

Some define onboarding as the customer sign-up process, while others want users to complete actions A and B before they're "onboarded." 

A better definition is the moment new users reach activation (after their “aha” moment.)

But why does onboarding have to be a singular event that ends after initial activation? 

You have the opportunity to provide value to your customers with each interaction (thus raising their probability of spending more with you.) 

What’s the bottom line here? 

Don’t think of onboarding as a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process of continuously delivering value for your customers. 

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